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Fiverr seller stealing back gmail accounts

I purchased 100 Gmail accounts in October of 2014 from ********** and he/she is now “stealing” them back; they are going in and changing the password and recovery email to where I no longer have access to them. How to I report this?

Admin Note: You are not permitted to call out users by name. Feel free to contact Customer Support at if you would like to submit a help ticket.

Is that even allowed to purchase gmail accounts ?

This happens when you buy illegal services of course fiverr allow scammers to sell those kind of gigs.

If you really want to purchase gmail account like that, the first I would do is change the password, recovery email and security info. Then it would be impossible to take back

i think there are issues in legality of making multiple emails though. I rejected the same job someone placed on my virtual assistant gig.
These kinds of jobs are done by scammers mostly. So they’ll not hesitate to change the passwords and resell them.
You can submit a ticket/request to customer support.
if there was some kind of understanding/deal about account which is violated by seller, customer support will surely take some action.

Why would you even need 100 gmail accounts?

Did you Sent Request to fiverr support?

Purchasing these kind of services is dangerous. Why would someone buy 100 gmail accounts?

It could be that gmail reclaims unused gmail accts after a year. Either way, WTF.