Fiverr seller Story


Hey Guys
This is Sumit and I am a Graphic Design.
I was a Fiverr account thats name is sumitking.
but now at that time it was Disabled.
And Now I started a new Journey On Fiverr.
Please Keep Supporting me to Grow o fiverr again.
thank you


Why was your old account disabled?


Exactly. Why was it disabled?


Any account can’t disable without any reason CS sent you message about disable account did you get any message from CS?


I’m sure if the OP had wanted to say why he’d had his account disabled he’d have told us. :wink:

I don’t think it’s anybody else’s business except his and Fiverr’s unless he wants to say otherwise.


+1 @offlinehelpers OP is asking for support not advice.
Yanno wishing him the best and all dat jazz. :saxophone: :pineapple:

OP, you are not obligated to answer the above questions.


Guys it was Disabled Because I was Late in Delivery 2 Days late So Buyer report my Account.


it is not a reason for disable pls contact cs


No further comments needed.