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Fiverr Seller trying to extort

I don’t know where to post this so I thought that I would post it here and hope for the best.
I’m sure this is not the proper way for this to be handled but I could not find any way to ask for help on this topic.
I have a client that I manage her website. Neither her nor I have ever used Fiverr. She recently received the following email.

The email was sent from a contact form on the website. Here is what the email said. I removed my client domain name since this is a public forum.
A response would be appreciated.

From: WordPress
Date: June 28, 2018 at 12:26:59 PM MDT
To: Brenda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: special order for you my friend

From: DJMiranG
Subject: special order for you my friend

Message Body:
I send spam backlinks to your website and now I request that you order my gigs to remove them. If you do not order, I send more spam backlinks to destroy your site. You understand me? Please order now from****** and let’s be friends. Friend, you need to learn to support each other. $100 is nothing to you but I need feed family. Thank you for understanding.

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Here you go:

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