Fiverr seller using cancel as a way to remove an order they didn't do a good job on and prevent me from rating them


Those on the crew at Fiverr, can you please give customers who have placed an order, which the seller has requested to cancel the ability to also rate this seller? My most recent seller I believe uses this feature to get out of a job they were not able to do in the time specified. As a result, while I did get my money back–they were not held accountable at all for their poor service. I spent over a day in conversation with them wasting my valuable time, while not only were they unable to do their job…but they had no consequences for their lack of ability to do what was requested. WHY CAN’T I RATE THIS VENDOR? WHERE IS YOUR ‘TIMES THIS VENDOR HAS CANCELLED AN ORDER’ statistics section? Or some system that allows me to rate them? This vendor has 5 stars and they don’t deserve them. I am extremely dissatisfied with the way your company has cancellation set up. It favors vendors and spits on customers. Won’t be suggesting this company to anyone until you can fix this feature.


Is that called ‘having your cake and eating it too’?

You can rate someone whom you paid for a service which they completed to your satisfaction, or you can have your money back, not both.

Whilst not making excuses for a poor seller, why should they be? In the end they didn’t get paid for it. :wink:

Sellers are already penalised for cancelling orders, even if it’s the buyer’s fault for ordering by mistake. We’ve got enough stick at the minute to deal with.


It’s not ‘having my cake and eating it too’. This is my time that got spit on. It’s not just my money. They’re having a conversation with me throughout the day about this gig, wasting my time (and no, I’m not getting paid every time they message me) and at the end of it all I get nothing. THey get to cancel and I get no way to offer feedback. There is no cake involved.


This vendor had a ‘5 star’ rating with nearly 1000 gigs. But it isn’t legitimate.


Cancellations negatively affect seller ratings and reputation so the seller is being held accountable and the feedback you give fiverr about the cancelled order can be reviewed by fiverr


how does this add to their rating negatively? I don’t see it lowering their rating?


Do a search on the forum for ‘cancellations’ - you’ll see the effect they’re having on sellers. :sunny:

It is - based on their completed , non-cancelled orders.


Don’t accept cancellation requests.


Easier said than done - ‘I ordered by mistake, I need a refund’ - before any requirements etc. have been given. How can you not cancel in a case like that?


Nice way to look at it. I am a seller too, but I think this feature will greatly help if it is introduced in place of orders cancelled due to buyer mistakes on the buyers side.


As a seller, I wouldn’t at all take cancelling orders as a way to run away from an order that I failed at. (Unless the buyer insists on cancellation). Cancellation do affect sellers negatively when it comes to their account statics & level system.

As @offlinehelpers said, you can’t cancel an order & also review it. If you want to review it, then you’ll have to let your money go for the sake of reviewing that seller.

I’m sorry that you had this experience. Who knows what this seller was facing at that time. Maybe he had a bad day & unable to focus at work, or maybe you & him aren’t a good match. Or as you mentioned, maybe his work isn’t that good enough for you.


If after the conversation between you and the seller, the seller felt he could not deliver to suit your expectations. What would you have preferred? Deliver nonsense or give you your money back and wish you the best in finding another seller.
Please just move on and find another seller rather than looking to bring down a seller that did you no wrong.

Also, in case you do not know a canceled order has an effect on a buyer’s order completion rate. So, the seller did lose a rating that could affect his level. Hope that makes you feel better.


We just have to see how buyers feel when a seller decides to cancel an order. This happens perhaps 1 in every 1000 buyers.

He probably did not know that the cancellation alone has a negative effect on both the sellers impression and his/her gig ranking.These buyers do not know how many TRS, level 2 sellers, and level 1 sellers who has been demoted due to buyers mistakes.


The only way this will be introduced and justified is; if sellers are allowed to rate buyers too. A rogue buyer can mess up the reputation of the legitimate sellers with such a feature


I think you haven’t read the question correctly.


Right you are! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sure you’ll be happy to explain where I’ve gone wrong.


Your answer comes from your lack of prior knowledge from what happened in our conversation. Basically, this is how the conversation went. I start the order, giving them plenty of specific instructions. Their response–something like this, ‘yeah, ok great I’ll have it for you in a day’. 2 hours later, 'oh, and what about this? Can you be more specific on this…?" Well, I was specific the first time, but I guess they needed further explanation, so I did the best I could to tell them more. Their response–something like this, 'okay, great. I’ll get this done no problem" 2 hours later… This same kind of bologne transpired up until the finish time, whereas the time expired and their response, ‘oh, the time is over, but I can surely finish this in a few more hours if that is okay or you can cancel if you want?’ My response, ‘no worries, I need this done for a video I’m making. Try to finish asap’ Finally, about 3 hours past the deadline they request a cancellation themselves and say they cannot do it. The problem with this whole thing is–what am I to do? Force them to finish and have a good chance at them botching my order and doing a poor job…or getting my money back and not being able to rate them? It’s a catch 22. For people who have placed orders that went the distance, even if they were cancelled BY THE SELLER, they should be able to rate the vendor. I spent a day of my life, having to drop my work to spend time answering his questions (often times questions I had already answered) only to end up with nothing. A refund isn’t enough. They need a hit to their rating. And I see no rating system outside of the jobs completed when looking up various vendors. This should be included. It should not be a separate feature. Most people that are looking up jobs just look at what the rating is and think that stands for everything they’ve ever done. And that included myself until you said something. So in actuality, their rating design is flawed and/or deceiving. I don’t like it myself and, having been wronged, feel they need to change it.


The seller wasn’t able to do the job in the time specified so you got a refund. Why not move on? Why hold a grudge? Life is too short.


You’ll be asking for compensation for your ‘wasted’ time next. :wink:

Seller punished with a percentage lost on orders completed, you’ve got your refund - it’s all good!


This happens all the time. I have interviewed and spent time with many contractors trying to find the right one to remodel a kitchen. I don’t want to punish the ones who were not hired. This is called finding the right one for the job, and it DOES involve spending time.