Fiverr seller with a problem. I need some advice


I joined Fiverr because I thought this was a place where people could establish an income source through some part-time free lance gigs. Since I joined, I have completed 17 gigs and have 30 more orders in progress that I am working on. Since I am running low on gas, and between real jobs at the moment, I was going to withdraw the money I have already earned and go fill up. But, there is no way to withdraw anything. It says all my money is “pending” clearance. The people I completed the gigs for left great feedback. So, I do not understand why Fiverr is holding my money. I have enough gigs lined up, now, that will have me working over 40 hours, this next week to complete all of them, but I do not want to waste my time if I am not going to be able to access any of the funds I earn when I need the money. Is it ever possible to have a regular, if small, income from Fiverr that can be accessed easily ?


Hi, i am quite new here myself but from what i understand after a gig is “completed” it takes around 14 -17 days for funds to clear and be available for withdrawal, if you go to Sales/revenues and click on “pending clearance” it will tell you when funds are due to be cleared


Its take 15 days to clear funds by fiverr. I have also account in and this site clear funds in 10 days.

Sheriff’s Note: Posting outside links is not allowed. And it takes 14 to 17 days to clear funds.


As a newcomer, I am very disappointed that I have to wait 14 day for fund to come available, since the buyer paid right away and project were completed right away-just so this site can not only charge you a dollar for each order but gets to collect the interest by holding the funds. VERY DISAPPOINTING


Looks like Peggy Sue lost interest in Fiverr. So many of her gigs cancelled due to late delivery. Hope you found something that pays you quicker Peggy!