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Fiverr Seller's Are Treated As Third Class People's , No Respect For Them

" Buyer Had Given Me The Links , And Told Me To Add Followers On Them … I Started Adding Followers As Per My Gig Suggests And Description Says . As Per The Buyer Told Me In Order Spliting them Into Two Usernames .

I Completed Both The Orders Within 1 - 2 Hours And Marked Them As Delivered With Proper Screenshots As Well . But I Don’t Why Fiverr Cancelled Those Orders … After The Completion Of Those Orders , I Also Respect My Buyers But This Is Not The Way To Deal . Please Refund My Money Back To My Account as soon as possible And Block These Things For Future As Well … "

This Is What I Wrote To Fiverr Still No Response 6 Days Gone … They Take Buyers Response In 10 Mins But Not The Sellers Response

This Is Absolutely Wrong … Out Of 20 Orders My 8 Orders Are Completed And Rest All Of Them Are Cancelled Automatically Lots Of Them Are $10 And $15 Orders

And Even My Gig Is Denied , Whereas I Mentioned In Description Each And Everything Clearly And With Disclaimers

This Is Not Good With Sellers

Please Tell Me How To Overcome This

Reply to @twitterfanlike: They did the same with me and the worst part is I have got scammed for 560 USD

I opened a ticket and they are not replying since last 10 days

And more to it they have blocked me for using there FB page when I posted there everything.

Reply to @kianyadav: These Things Needs To Be Fixed As Soon As Possible … This Is Not The Way , We Are Here To Earn Money By Selling Not For Getting Scammed .

Reply to @twitterfanlike: I have already got SCAMMED of 560 USD and when I tried to communicate with Customer Support they are not replying and when I posted on FB page they blocked me and now I dont have any way to communicate with them.

That is weird, I have never had any problems of gigs being denied or being scammed. Their customer Support is pretty bad but, they eventually get back with you. You just cannot expect a quick response from Fiverr. It seems one of the problems is people want immediate fixes instead of waiting. When I contacted support it was almost a month before I got a response. If you give me a little more detail on how you were scammed or what happened I might be able to help you decide a next course of action until you get official word.

This is nothing I have been through bigger scams than yours. Bear it and try to take screenshots of everything. CC will not protect you. You need to be smarter than your buyer if you want to stay longer on this platform

Please take a look at the date this topic was made.


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