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Fiverr sellers exploiting the system

We have contacted support team and they’ve suggested we post this here in the Forum to make people aware.

There are a number of users/sellers that are advertising their work as native English speakers and even have aliases from the US or the UK (mostly with female images/videos and female names). After receiving our blog/gigs back, we realised there were way too many errors for someone originally from the US or the UK. These people are not fluent in English and are creating aliases of Americas as their profile and getting people to buy the gigs from them a lot easier, than if they were not English speakers. They’re NOT English speakers and do not understand basic English terms or grammar.
These sellers are paying for English speakers to either do short videos or recordings and posting them on their profile so buyers think they’re legit English speaking sellers, but little does the buyer know, it’s their alias.

We have given negative feedback to one seller, then we received a message from them explaining that they will complete a free revision or give a full refund. This is fair enough, however, if we agree on the refund the gig gets cancelled and the review goes away.
How are other buyers meant to know what they’re really like if the review is removed? The reviews need to stay unless the buyer decides to remove it.
This is another way of getting rid of bad reviews from their profiles, by offering a refund, the buyer will most likely take it and then the negative review disappears. The seller is well aware of this!
Not to mention the sellers are using their friends or paying for 5-star reviews to push down negative reviews and make their profile look good. These 5-stars “Outstanding Experience” reviews are mostly fake. and should be removed by

This shouldn’t happen… There are flaws in the system and they are being exploited.
People rely on reviews, positive or not, they shouldn’t remove them regardless of the outcome.

This is happening way too much and not just to us. We are losing faith in

If you get a refund you do not get to leave a review. Fiverr has decided that it would create a massive disaster to allow people to buy a gig, get a refund, and leave a bad review.

Competitors would go crazy leaving fake bad reviews on each other’s gigs.

If you got a refund all you lost is time.

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I mek sail geeg four u, yees! :stuck_out_tongue:

You said
"They’re NOT English speakers and do not understand basic English terms or grammar."
In this case, you should contact them first before buying their gig to determine if they are really English speakers.
I am sure you will notice it after reading their reply to your first or second message.

Yeah, there’s a whole bunch of people like this on Fiverr and other places online. Research and due diligence required. For instance, that seller you hired is obviously not British looking at her profile: US spelling, inappropriately capitalized letters and missing/wrong use of pronouns are the order of the day. It doesn’t really get better in the gig descriptions. One of her titles has a screaming grammatical error in it.

Of course, if you’re not a native speaker (or don’t particularly care about spelling etc), that might not be obvious. In which case the negative reviews all sing the song of my people. I don’t know why you didn’t just get a refund: you left a 3-star review that will sink into glorious obscurity, if it hasn’t already (outside of a Google search).

Remember, this is just a marketplace. You can find great bargains–but you’ll also find a lot of people who claim to be something and someone they’re not to extract money from people like you, $5 by $5. You’re really better off just taking time to research, finding a good writer (or animator, or graphic designer, or whatever), paying them a more decent sum of money and sticking by them–no matter where they are from.

Besides, there’s a ton of buyers exploiting the system as well. Let’s just say that “people are exploiting the system” and that most of them are woefully inept scammers–and so thank the Lord for their stupidity in place of cunning.

It is really annoying that there are so many non-natives posing as native speakers. All of them have British or American flags next to their profile. For a whole year, I was forced to use the Swedish flag, when I am not even Swedish.

I may have also been fooled by that seller you hired because she is a top rated seller with over 11,000 reviews, although I did notice a couple of grammatical errors which probably would have tipped me off, but I am more aware of grammatical mistakes than most people.

I would have requested a refund if I got something from a writer with grammatical errors.

Who? I’m curious. I know you are not allowed to mention names, but can you give a hint?

I looked up on google fiverr OP’s name. It showed who she reviewed.

This is a problem, sure. One that annoys other writers on this website. The issue is that automatic renewal of feedback or canceling an order to prevent a buyer from leaving feedback at all is the only protection that any seller has from a buyer that goes full psycho on them.

Just as a note, “Outstanding Experience!” is the automatic response left by Fiverr’s system when a buyer leaves five starts but doesn’t write anything in the review box. There’s a canned response for four, three, two, and one star ratings, too. This alone doesn’t mean that the review is fake.

Oh, it’s that incredibly beautiful woman.

Over 11,000 reviews! How does she do that?

That’s nothing…check out the top sellers in Articles and Blog Posts, they do 100-150 orders in just 3-5 days. Add 1000 reviews every month. They operate in a different world. Probably make a 7-figure income from Fiverr. Don’t ask me how they do it, I think I know, but I’m not telling.

That’s why I don’t look at other people. The world is really big and really complex. There are millions of people who are doing far better than me and millions who are doing far worse than me. For good or bad, I just do my own thing. And I’m strangely happy in my own little world :slight_smile:

I have a very inquiring mind. I do block out unpleasant things as much as possible but this is astounding, not only in terms of the time needed to do all these orders, but in terms of getting such a volume of orders.

It’s called a sweat shop :stuck_out_tongue:

Very true indeed.

Its same like " if you go to a shop, you like one product before purchasing and after purchasing and using that product you think its actually not good and now you are wishing for refund . Have you ever try this in your real life which you suggesting here . ?

Yes, but is she really? Who’s to say the girl wasn’t paid for the images and videos so these scammers could use them on their profile?

by paying for reviews, or becoming friends with other sellers with different accounts so they all can work together