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Fiverr sellers exploiting the system

We have contacted support team and they’ve suggested we post this here in the Forum.

There are a number of users/sellers that are advertising their work as native English speakers and even have aliases from the US or the UK (mostly with female images/videos and female names). After receiving our blog/gigs back, we realised there were way too many errors for someone originally from the US or the UK. These people are not fluent in English and are creating aliases of Americas as their profile and getting people to buy the gigs from them a lot easier, than if they were not English speakers. They’re NOT English speakers and do not understand basic English terms or grammar.
These sellers are paying for English speakers to either do short videos or recordings and posting them on their profile so buyers think they’re legit English speaking sellers, but little does the buyer know, it’s their alias.

We have given negative feedback to one seller, then we received a message from them explaining that they will complete a free revision or give a full refund. This is fair enough, however, if we agree on the refund the gig gets cancelled and the review goes away.
How are other buyers meant to know what they’re really like if the review is removed? The reviews need to stay unless the buyer decides to remove it.
This is another way of getting rid of bad reviews from their profiles, by offering a refund, the buyer will most likely take it and then the negative review disappears. The seller is well aware of this!
Not to mention the sellers are using their friends or paying for 5-star reviews to push down negative reviews and make their profile look good. These 5-stars “Outstanding Experience” reviews are mostly fake. and should be removed by

This shouldn’t happen… There are flaws in the system and they are being exploited.
People rely on reviews, positive or not, they shouldn’t remove them regardless of the outcome.

This is happening way too much and not just to us. We are losing faith in

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It certainly sounds like you guys have been having a heck of a time here! It’s a shame, it really is, because as a writer myself, I work hard to make sure every single word I create for a client is original and tailored to the personal needs of the client. When someone attempts to exploit the system here, it really damages the Fiverr freelancing community. There’s a lot of great sellers here that work hard, and value the relationships that we develop with our clientele.

A few weeks ago, I posted an article directed toward sellers, and I certainly invite you to give it a read over, should you have the time. The article is at

In the meantime, should you need any help with writing services, feel free to contact me. I’ve also worked with a few other sellers here that have provided animation and graphic design work for me personally, and would be more than happy to offer a recommendation, should you need it.


that’s not that easy, as you are saying.

For sure there are cheaters here on Fiverr, but the cheaters are everywhere. Here, on other platforms, in the shop nearby your house where you are living, the mechanic and so on.

It is an eternal fight for Fiverr in this case and also for all users, reporting these cheaters. These people appear and disappear…

That given reviews with 5 stars / “Outstanding Experience” are “mostly fake” is definitely wrong. It´s the fastest possibility to rate someone, and they are “mostly correct”.

You are right, if you accept a cancelation you get

  1. Your money back

  2. You can not rate the seller

But there is also 3:

Report the cheating seller to customer service, with straight information and some screenshots about what happened. You can be sure they will act. But it is up on you to be proactive.

And last but not least: the title of your post could also be “Fiverr BUYERS exploiting the system”. Just check a bit here in the forum some posts, written about “that buyer problem” - you won´t believe some of these stories…

The good thing is: It is much easier to check a seller, than a buyer. First use brain.exe and check the profile, the work, the ratings, the portfolio, you can use some Google hints, or the reverse picture search etc to get insights about a seller. Not really a big deal, explained several times here in the forum, or outside there, in that thing called internet.

And for sure: Check a seller first with a basic 5$ Gig before you go for bigger orders! That´s the real nice thing on Fiverr, trying a service for just 5$. Minimum risk!

My personal conclusion: the world is like it is, and it could and should be better, for sure, but that some people have made the volunteer decision to be a cheater / scammer instead of trying to earn money the honest way, is not Fiverrs fault!

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I only know one thing. Your buyers are very annoying. Working alone with your own work