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Fiverr Sellers Fee? More than 20%?

Ok, as I’ve seen fiverr takes 20% of earnings. I’m fine with that, they provide the website and everything so it’s reasonable that they take a cut from the seller’s earnings.

I’m in the process of finishing a milestone gig for a client of mine, and the first milestone was for $350, and the second $250. The whole job is for $780. My earnings came through and instead of $350 I’m getting $200, and instead of $250 I’m getting $144, Last I checked that’s a little more than 20%. That’s closer to 45%. Did they increase their fee or something? Normally they only take 20% but why is it almost half my earnings?

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That’s odd. My most recent earnings reflect 20%. I’m guessing you would’ve already reported this to CS, so I hope it’s resolved.

I have not sent a ticket to customer service, I’ll ask and see what they say.

Was any of the job added as an extra?

No, I sent one milestone project, I did not offer any extra’s.

Whole job = $780.
Milestone 1: $350 × 80% = $280
Milestone 2: $250 × 80% = $200
Milestone 3: $180 × 80% = $144

You should have gotten Milestone 1 way back. Double check.

For both of the two milestone milestones earnings I can click view order and it takes me to the $780 order page.

The third milestone has not yet been completed.

Then perhaps
Milestone 1: $250 = $200
Milestone 2: $180 = $144


Milestone 3: $350?

No, $250 for the second $180 for the third. Now that you point out that pattern though, I think it may be a bug with fiverr. I asked CS so I’ll see what they say. Thank you for pointing that out though, now I don’t need to worry about fiverr taking 45%. :slight_smile:

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Milestone 3: $350=280