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Fiverr seller's feedback and ratings

I started really well on Fiverr, but then I had to deal with a difficult client who left me negative feedback instead of addressing his issues upon delivery. As a result, I didn’t get any clients afterwards and deleted that gig.

If I create a new gig, will the same rating be shown for my profile as a seller? Or should I delete this account entirely and set up a new one to start over without that negative rating?


Hi - welcome

That’s not a particularly negative review - it’s not good, it’s not bad, just in the middle. And you have two more reviews that are enthusiastic.

I have a negative review (2 star) on my profile - and so do many others here! - that didn’t really affect our success or otherwise.

You can certainly ask CS if you can delete the existing profile and create a new one - you will need their permission for that, otherwise you may get banned for having more than one account.

Or you can do some research, improve your gig(s) and carry on.

Here are some places to start:


If you delete your Gig, The rating will stay in your profile. one negative rating is not a big matter.

Deleting your existing account (and the gig you’ve already deleted) is not very sensible in my opinion. Two reasons…

  1. You’ve already done the hard part. You’ve achieved sales and received some good reviews. There are thousands of sellers with no sales after many months of being on Fiverr. If you start again, you’ll lose this momentum. Don’t assume that starting out for a second time will be any easier. There are many more freelancers on Fiverr compared to just a few months ago.

  2. What are you going to do the next time someone leaves a review that you don’t like? Delete the account and start again for a third time, a fourth time, etc. This is not how successful businesses work. Good businesses ride the rough with the smooth and learn from every experience to ensure that ‘next time is always better’.

An ‘okay’ review is not the end of the world. With another couple of sales and good feedback reviews your average rating will soon bump up, and within time you can achieve a 5 star perfect rating.