Hey fiverr fellows,

I’ve been preparing this post for quite a lot of time, as I wanted to put everything on my mind in one single post. Hope I actually achieved it, haha. Being a part of fiverr and its super-cool community really did change my life – not only from a financial perspective, but also got connected me with friends and sharpened my skills. What I wanted to share with you today is the success I made for the past 5 months – I earned 4,000$ which is quite a milestone for me (considering 2,000$ for the last month only - July). I’ve also wanted to share with you all of the experience I got, different kind of situations I got myself into and how I did manage to react. So let’s start…

GOLDEN RULE №1: Deliver as highest quality work as possible! How can you decide if your delivery is actually the very-best you can do?!? Simply, imagine you have hired someone else to do the same for you – DELIVER exactly what YOU would LOVE to get delivered to you!

# RULE №2: NEVER, ever do put yourself in any confrontation with your buyers. If they are not happy with your work, do not get stuborn and make the mistake to try forcely get the money you've worked for. BARE IT! There WILL BE orders on which you will work "FOR FREE" and they will get cancelled. There's no point in stressing yourself! If you believe there's nothing you can do to satisfy your buyer with the delivery – then simply cancel the order – stop wasting your time – and YOUR BUYER's time. There will be other orders that would compensate for anything that you have lost...

# RULE №3: NEVER, send directly custom orders via messages. When a BUYER contact you to get more information regarding the work they want done, you can simply get them to know how much it would cost them – what will be the estimated delivery – what exactly could you improve / recommend / etc. And at the end just before the common "Regards - message" you can add sth. like: "Please, do let me know if you'd like me to send you the order." Not "custom order", but "the order" – you have to be super direct, specific and open-minded. Sending custom offers to everyone won't actually get you orders. It is somehow on a psychological level that you are forcing your buyers to order from you – and that's why they simply DO NOT ORDER. When you let them know that you can send the order if they want to – they get to know that even if they don't want – it's okay. This is what will make they ACTUALLY ORDER from you.

# RULE №4: DO NOT, get yourself into work too much. I know working here at fiverr may be a little bit addicting, but getting yourself "out" – might help you refresh your head and make you a hundred times more productive then burrying yourself into work. The DAILY GOLDEN PATH for me is: WORK – DO SPORT – READ A BOOK / GO OUT. You are a human and you need to live...


  • #1: Make a super unique cover – DO NOT copy any stock photos or the first thing you will come accross when searching in Google Images. Open Photoshop and design your own personal cover that will actually attract buyers. If you cannot do it yourself – consider hiring someone to do it for you. Believe me, it might be even more effective then making a video.

  • #2: Super SPECIFIC description is what you need. Begin with some cool introduction of yourself and why you would be the best buyers' choice. Then put below what exactly you will deliver, as follows: "Order includes: 1. ...; 2. ...; etc."; At the bottom you can put any additional information, such as things you might need in order to begin working or put details that would help you put yourself out of uncomfortable situations (i.e. let buyers' know that you are not doing a pornographic testimonial, haha).

  • #3: Put ONLY necessary gig extras and BE FAIR with the prices. The competition here at fiverr is super high and you might end up with high prices and few orders per month, which would get you nowhere. Do not forget to be SUPER SPECIFIC with the gig extras too...

# SITUATION №1: BUYER orders your gig – you deliver exactly what he/she wanted, but he continue to request modifications and custom things, that are not included into the order and buyer refuses to pay more. What the hell you should do?!? You know the answer! – Cancel! Don't get me wrong, I am not talking about minor modifications, etc. I am talking about buyers, who order for getting their photo transferred to a digital oil painting and request to get the photo edited – put their face on a king – put them on a golden throne – on the top of the Hawaii's mountaing – with three palms behind their throne! BELIEVE me! I did have such a client – and didn't even lost a minute to send a cancellation request. Pushing yourself to deliver an order, might get you super exhausted and kill your inspiration for any other orders with buyers, that do actually undestand that they are not purchasing your soul for 5$.


# `thusie` RULE: Bring something unique to the table, it's usually found in your personality. There are a ton of people out there offering the same type of things that you are. Be real, be personable, and be friendly. Showing that you care and being able to laugh proves that you're human. IMO, people prefer humans to machines.

Kind Regards & Wishes for success for all of you,
Keep it up!
Denis Saidov

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Hi, thanks for the tips! I was hoping someone could help me. I just got my first order and want to know how if I am handling something correctly. I offer to post on a forum spread out over 7 days, so I put down 7 days to complete. I notice the countdown is ticking toward 0 days for my Delivery. Should I be clicking Delivered to stop the countdown because I started delivering? I am worried if I wait until the 7 days of service is over it looks like I took a long time because it doesn’t reflect that I actually started within an hour of the order.


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I will surely follow those tips, dsaidov! Thank you for sharing your knowlege and experience in fiverr with us.


Your tips are quite good. As well as getting orders these tips will help sellers to have better experience on Fiverr.


Thank you all for the appreciation. Will definitely expand the post within a couple of days with more situations and stuffs I came across…


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Great tips!


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