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Fiverr sellers in the news - You could be next :)


We love to see our sellers get media attention!

If you have a good story, tell us about it, maybe you’ll be next :slight_smile:

This Woman Made $10K On Fiverr With Her Ingenious Marketing Skills

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For those of you who want to focus on Local Publicity, let me share something from my Publicity Gig on fiverr that can work for you all.

Fiverr gives you a You have News Leaching™ opportunity.

NEWS LEACHING™ is where plug into a “news cycle” with some “longevity to it”.

When a news cycle (the amount of time a story stays in the news for) prolongs, media outlets look for a local angle and/or a new take on this same old stuff.

The fact of the matter is “Jobs” (at least in the US and EU) are a major topic. Even more in the US right now. With the little local papers in every town, this is a great opportunity to share some hope, make some sales, and over all grow the Fiverr marketplace!

Micro-Jobs is “news”.


Fiverr provides such an awesome experience for both sellers and buyers.


I would love to be in the news as a great fiverr seller who is offering something unique and creative to the public. I am always pleased to read positive stories about other sellers, it means fiverr is a great platform that will keep expanding and growing


Really awesome experience fiverr my dear!


Really awesome experience fiverr my dear!