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Fiverr Sellers who Became Entrepreneurs and Started Their Own Buisness


Is there anyone who started their own business while working here on Fiverr? I mean, those who became entrepreneurs and offer jobs for others using their Fiverr earnings. Please share your experiences. Love to hear your story!


Well, I don’t know if I’m the kind of response you’re looking for, but felt like sharing my story with you. I started on Fiverr a little more than a year ago, offering writing services. I wasn’t sure if what I could create for others was commercially acceptable, but figured Fiverr was a no-risk way to find out. Over the past year, I’ve been hired over 400 times, and have received mostly positive reviews. That gave me the confidence to launch my small business writing services business offline, and it’s going rather well!


@thewriteones Thanks for sharing your story. Glad to hear that your business is going well. :slight_smile: Good luck in all your future endeavors!