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Fiverr Sellers Who Outsource to Others - There Needs to be an Official Policy

I know this may seem controversial. However, I’m at the point where I would really like Fiverr to wade in officially and set some clear rules concerning Fiverr sellers who outsource their work to other Fiverr sellers.

Ideally, what I would like to see is:

  • A system where sellers are required to tick a box when setting up a gig, saying something like: I will be providing this service or I will outsourcing this service to another Fiverr seller
  • A strict no refund rule (within reason) regarding final deliveries
  • The above and some kind of official Fiverr seller commercial rights license extra which other Fiverr sellers need to purchase when buying from other sellers (This would not be visible to regular buyers)

I say this as the majority of my cancellations this year have concerned orders placed by other sellers. Usually, these sellers are new to Fiverr and usually, they sell identical or very similar services to my own. As for why problems happen, it generally comes down to one of three things.

  • The buyer/seller never messages prior to ordering and starts ordering unreasonable amounts of bulk work
  • The buyer/seller fails to give clear instructions or simply can’t because (presumably) their end client has ordered direct and has now gone incognito
  • The buyer/seller requests cancellation because they need work completed sooner, don’t need work anymore, or have ordered by mistake

To be clear, I have no problem with Fiverr sellers who outsource but message other sellers first. In this case, none of the above would apply. A seller could simply send a regular custom offer and that would the end of things.

As for why I would like a ticky box thing. I would want this so that when there are problems, Fiverr CS can categorize complaints easier and act accordingly.

To me, it is the height of rudeness to start outsourcing work to other sellers without asking if this is okay first. Also, I consider it very unprofessional with regard to selling on Fiverr in the first place. (When your buyers think they are buying from you and not somebody else.)

Now, I am going to be proactive in this and forward my suggestion to CS. Before I do, though, is there anything anyone thinks I should add?


The problem with that is some might provide the service but also sometimes outsource it if they need to eg. if they are very busy. Or maybe they’d outsource part of the gig but do other parts themselves.

What about outsourcing only a part of the work to other sellers? For example, someone makes videos, but outsources voice overs and script writing?


If someone outsources occasionally, they could message a seller and tell them what they need.

What shouldn’t ever happen is a seller having an order placed with them for work which they have already told the original client they would not be able to help them with, via another seller who charges more for the exact same service.

Like I said, in my OP all the above would only apply to sellers who order from other sellers directly. These are why my problems start and its just getting silly.

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