Fiverr sellers with fake photos!


Hi guys,

I have seen some sellers post fake photos on their Fiverr profile and it’s clearly obvious as you can tell that the photo was taken from an online source and the origin of the account clearly gives it away…

Not trying to discriminate or anything, but isn’t wrong and spam to use someone else photo and facial identity to present a certain agenda and perhaps attract buyers!!

Just saying!


Not sure what you mean by this - I’ve seen sellers from lots of different parts of the world using photos which don’t belong to them.

Yes, it is wrong - particularly when using a photo of a completely innocent person, never mind the celebrity ones.

If you don’t want to use your own photo, use a logo instead! :wink:


Absolutely. The only good thing is that it is a giant neon sign that flags them as posers. But it is a common thing with certain sellers.


As already mentioned, the good thing is that they achieve the opposite of what they want to achieve: misleading potential buyers.
Most of the time it won’t take long that these sellers ask on the forum for help because they get no orders.


Or that they are banned, or that their real country is showing instead of fake U.S. location. If they showed their real picture it is so scary there is no hope that way either.