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Fiverr Sells are Extremely Down.Why?



I am worried about my gigs.Past 2 month i get only one Order.Even i received only few messages.But at present i am lost.I didn’t get any messages.Also seen my gigs click ,view are down.I also search my gigs but not found why?.Anyone help and suggest me what can i do for getting new order?Thank Every on And Happy New Year…


If English is not your first language, copy and paste your gig titles on Microsoft Word and see if any spelling mistakes appear:

"I will photoshop,retouching and background removeing in 24 hrs for $5"

In this case, it’s removing, not “removeing.” But other than that, you need a better gig title, try this one: "I will do photo retouching and remove backgrounds with Photoshop in 24 hours for $5."

In fact, why not split that gig into two gigs:

  1. I will remove backgrounds with Photoshop in 24 hours
  2. I will retouch your pictures with Photoshop in 24 hours

    Let’s look at this gig you have: "I will provide you any type of WordPress Themes for $5"

    Rewrite it as "I will give you any WordPress Theme you want in 24 hours for $5"

    Good luck


Ok thanks for your suggestion.And What about others?


may be you have more competitors now :stuck_out_tongue: