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Fiverr send a message to Verify Identity

Fiverr send me a message to verify my identity. I have no passport or driving license. I have National ID Card. But it’s a analog id card not a smart card. In my country(Bangladesh) smart NID card was not provided to new voters. May be it will be provided next year. My question is, “Is my analog NID card acceptable to verify my identity?”


What is analog NID? My nid is 1st generation id card (the first version of nid, issued 6years ago, I’m from :bangladesh:) . If you have a hard copy (the card itself) it will help. Simply scan the nid (both sides) and keep a pdf version of it.


Thanks for your reply. I use the word analog because its not a smart card. If I use a clean and high quality photo of the NID, will it help?

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It will work. Scanned copy works best. Officials usually askes for scanned copy.

I also didn’t reissued the smart card, almost everywhere my old card works.