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Fiverr sending orders on its own!


Hi every body. Yesterday I had a weird Fiverr experience. I was browsing the site, checking my inbox and taking a look at my gigs while suddenly, the “to do” icon went on telling me that I had a new order. But almost instantly I received a message in my inbox from a buyer who I had a 5 stars rated order a bout a month ago saying that he had started a dispute on that order because he didn’t place any orders and Fiverr duplicated his previous order about a month ago and put it twice! even worse I checked the “new” order and found that it’s “ridiculously late” :slight_smile: no need to say that I accepted the mutual cancellation and returned the funds to the buyer. Any body had such experience or something similar?


There have been some complaints on the forum about notifications but not for a few days and not your problem specifically. The advice was to keep an eye on manage sales and not rely on the dashboard.


I have had issues with new orders appearing for Custom Offers that had already been delivered and rated. The buyer seems unaware of their existence, but luckily I set mandatory requirements for all my orders, so the counter won’t start.

The last time this happened I reported it as a bug with a very detailed description, and CS just said “yes, buyers can buy Custom Offers several times even when their corresponding orders are already delivered. We cancelled these new orders since the buyer seems unresponsive.” They didn’t much care that those orders were created without the buyer’s knowledge.

Right now I have two such orders sitting among my sales; I guess I’ll get around to cancelling them someday :unamused: