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Fiverr sent me a reminder for multiple account, But I don't know any other account of mine

Yesterday, Fiverr sent me a reminder for multiple accounts on Fiverr, But I don’t know any other account of mine, But sometimes I have used my same seller account to buy some gigs, is this a problem? Or there’s something else?

What should I do?

Help me, please!

Thanks in advance!


do u have multiple account ? one for buyer and other for seller in tha same laptop ?

If you use shared Ip then change it to Real IP ASAP!

I’m using one account for seller and buyer.

I always used my real IP but sometime I have opened my Fiverr account in Private windows of browser. like Incognito Window of Chrome.

Chrome incognito window should be no problem, I’m pretty sure I even had support suggesting using that when I had some technical problem.

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There can be multiple users from the same location (IP) and that’s not a problem but their device must not be the same. Is there any possibility that some other users ever logged into their accounts from your device?

Do you have static ip or dynamic ip of the internet connection that you use?

It happens due to having dynamic ip because the dynamic ip changes after every new connection establishment and sometimes it matches with the ip that was used previously by someone, I think this was the reason.

You can simply contact support and discuss with them about this matter, maybe they will help you.

Good Luck!

What ever the people are saying here is pretty normal it happened with every one, but no one else got the message.

Contact support, You have to login multiple times with the same id to triggered a response.
Some thing triggered that response if you believe it is wrong just contact support

I’m using same account for my laptop and mobile also. Is that a problem?

I’d wager almost all sellers use both laptop /desktop + mobile. It would be a bit weird from Fiverr to offer a mobile app but not allow you to use both laptop and mobile.
You can use as many devices as you want as long as you use them with only 1 account.

I suppose in theory you could get unlucky with a dynamic IP. Where I live, almost everyone has dynamic IPs, I never had a problem with it, but in countries with many users and even more accounts than users, I guess chances are higher to get an IP someone else with Fiverr account used before. Probably Fiverr checks for more than IP, thus, though. (all my assumptions, I don’t know)

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