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Fiverr SEO checklist?

Hello everyone, I’d like to know the criteria that Fiverr uses to rank Gigs higher in search engine. Is there a checklist that I can refer to in order to know about what needs to be done to optimize my Gigs?

What about the sellers here? Were there any tweaks you did that helped sky rocket your gigs rank in Fiverr’s search engine?

The criteria are simple: Deliver high-quality work that your buyers will want to give you 5-star reviews about. The more 5-star reviews you have, the higher you will “rank”.

Great sellers move to the top. Poor/bad sellers drop to the bottom.

I see.

Do you have any additional recommendations for buyers that have yet to make their first sale? It would be highly appreciated.

Sure. I recommend that you read through the great tips and advice already posted in the Tips for Sellers forum. That’s what the forum is for. Take responsibility for your own success, and take the time to research how to achieve that success.

Many other people have asked these same questions, and they’ve been answered on these forums many times. There comes a time when the best answers we can give are to just point in the direction of those already existing answers. :wink:

As far as actual SEO on the fiverr search, no one knows and if they did know they wouldn’t tell anyone. I’ve looked at this a lot from the SEO point of view and see no pattern to it.