Fiverr server maintenance how i deliver my work on time


We’re taking a really short break.

For a quick coffee, biscuits and server maintenance.

We’ll be right back. Promise.

and need to deliver something urgent. customer support don’t remove my express delivery tag.


Reply to @adsensewizard: I tried to check on the support twitter page and from the response I don’t think the clock pauses but they did encourage a support ticket for issues. Here is a copy:

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@FiverrSupport Hello! Do the gig timers automatically pause when Fiverr is undergoing maintenance? Thank you

@[mytwitter] Hello, if you happen to miss a deadline due to maintenance, please contact Customer Support

Sounds like they will try to help. Good luck!


I’m surprised if Fiverr’s time isn’t paused when under maintenance.


I have this problem too but I’m giving up for now. Mine isn’t actually due yet, thank goodness, I just wanted to get it turned in. All I can suggest is that if the maintenance window does make you miss your deadline, send a message to Customer Support and let them know and talk to the buyer when you can to explain. If the buyer won’t work with you, CS might help. It’s an unfortunate situation. I hope it works out for you!


I had late orders due to the website being down :frowning: very frustrating!


What I did was watch 4 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, then I went back to Fiverr and it was working fine. Yes, it sucks when things break down, but sometimes you can’t avoid it. Fiverr never sleeps, but it needs maintenance, just like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.


Fiverr must have gotten extra extra large orders of coffee and biscuits.


I caught up on Scandal…so…it was actually a productive evening for me.


Reply to @emasonwrites: I finished Transparent on Amazon and wrapped up with 2 episodes of United States of Tara on Netflix. It turned out well.