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HI Everyone,

As we work in Govt or Private offices, we are issued a service card from the respective department. What in the case of Fiverr? Do You think, Fiverr should issue serivce card to their level 2 / TR sellers by introducing some key requirements. For example: Requirements should be:

Level 2 Seller Requirements:

Account Age: 3 Years

Minimum 5.0 Reviews: 300 to 1500

Minimum Order Completed: 600 to 2500

Community Leadership

and any other by Fiverr.

TRS Requirements:

No need for any criteria as it will be filled automatically in the period of Level 2 seller.


Fiverr already has level requirements. You can find them here:

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Hey Man,
I am not talking about Fiverr levels, If you read my post with attention, then you will be aware that I already know about the Fiverr levels. Moreover, thanks for replying on the post.

I’m sorry - I don’t really understand your suggestion I’m afraid.

Your level 2 requirements seem to be different to Fiverr’s official level 2 criteria - not sure why?
Why would Fiverr issue us with a card? We’re not employed by them, and as we are unlikely to physically meet any of our buyers I’m not sure why we’d need one?


You’re entitled to offer suggestions, but I’m not feeling it all.
3 years to become a lvl2/service card. :open_mouth:


I think the point being made here is not what is required to become a level 2 seller but rather what is required to acquire this ‘service card’… Please correct me if I am wrong.

Could you please advise what a service card is and what it should be used for?


Why would someone want this service card? What would it do for us as sellers?


We can carry it as a badge of honor to show the world we are cool.


I personally don’t like your suggestions! I am really sorry. :neutral_face:

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@misscrystal is right. I think this will be badge of honor for us.

As a seller, I don’t want a “badge of honor”, I want happy, satisfied clients. :wink:

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When I was little, i had a badge just like this - didn’t mean I was actually a sheriff! :slight_smile:


This post does not mean to criticize someone idea but to give ideas/suggestion, is it should be or not. If it should be then explain why it should be, In case NO, then also explain.

Yes yes it should be. But does it give me discount at Starbucks?

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Maybe Zeus777 or some other designer can post a badge for this that you can print out and carry with you.


I understand, but there just isn’t any practical reason for sellers to carry around a ID card identifying them as sellers on this site. And I don’t think changing the existing seller levels to match your concept is a good idea either. The Fiverr levels are already established, they already have defined requirements and benefits. They don’t need to be changed.


Agreed with you.

You have clear my concept. Thank You.


You can show it to anyone who doubts you in some way. I carry my college diploma for this reason.

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So everyone has it’s own choice, lets see who wins. :slight_smile: