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Fiverr Service """Dropship""""

I don’t know if this is doable but here’s the scenario and what I mean by “Fiverr Service “”“DropShip””"" "

Let’s make a scenario: Bob charges $20 for a graphic design service, client orders from Bob and pays Bob $20.

Bob uses his other $20 from his card to spend it on graphic design service that John offers.

John’s gig has the same delivery date as Bob and John only charges $5 for his service.

So Bob and John wins. A win-win situation.

Now you know what I mean by Fiverr Service “”“Dropship”"", is it actually possible though?

Does it break any Fiverr rules, and as far as I remember, it doesn’t. So is it doable, abides by Fiverr rules, and good?

Need some feedback…

Isn’t it outsourcing, not dropshipping?


Congratulations. You just invented outsourcing.

It’s not against the rules to outsource your work or parts of it.

It doesn’t make sense though to offer something that you cannot make yourself, as it will get you into more trouble than it’s worth down the road.

It creates too many dependencies and raises cost for the original buyer.


That is outsourcing, not dropshipping. Please Google dropshipping.

If people hire you, they want YOU to do the work. They hire you because they like you or are interested in you.


As others said, you are describing outsourcing, not dropshipping which is something completely different.

It’s not a new idea.

Frank is right, it’s not worth the trouble to be a middleman between the seller and a buyer.


I’ve put dropship in quotes, but yeah I meant outsourcing. Thanks for the feedback

Just needed some info if sellers normally do this

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Normally sellers personally do what they say in their gig description they’re going to do.

Some outsource a part of the service (for example, a seller who makes animated videos might outsource voice over and/or script writing to other sellers). Many sellers feel that it’s unethical to outsource the whole service (for example, a buyer orders a logo from you, and your outsource it to a cheaper provider), because that buyer purchased based on your portfolio, and because they believe that you’re the one who’ll be doing the job.

Also, it could lead to trouble if the buyer doesn’t like what they receive.

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This is not against fiverr service I guess but I think you should only create a gig service you can handle perfectly.

Another thing that Bob should consider is that it is his reputation on the line. If the buyer does not like the work that Bob bought from John, it will be Bob that gets the less than stellar review, not Bob! :scream: :sob:


Yup I also think it’s outsourcing. He must be confused in two concepts.

Once my friend on Fiverr did delivered outsourced work & what he got 1 star worst review will ever given on Fiverr.

Sell what you are capable of & professional at. Outsourcing is just putting yourself in danger even knowing it.

I put “Dropship” in a TON of quotation marks as a sign of outsourcing being similar to Dropshipping…

Dropshipping is similar since you are a middle man either way. But dropshipping runs smoother and easier as long as you have a good company that does dropshipping routinely for other sellers. It’s a lot easier since they are simply sending merchandise to someone.

I’ve heard of sellers on Amazon who use Walmart and people get packages from Walmart when they ordered on Amazon. :laughing:

Exactly, it is outsourcing.
I am a graphic designer and sometimes, I’ve had other graphic design companies outsourcing their services as well -so, buying the designs from me, for their clients-. I don’t believe it’s any different and definately not against the policy, but a bit difficult to manage in the end as you depend too much on others (in my opinion).