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Fiverr service fee went up?

Fiverr’s fees have nothing to do with the different tax policies countries have. It’s something particular to Fiverr, not to each country or group of countries. What Fiverr charges aren’t taxes, just the company’s service fee.

Certainly! Users don’t pay taxes to Fiverr as we have to declare and pay our own taxes to our own pertinent government entities.

Fiverr as a business has to pay taxes, and a tax increase on the business will almost certainly translate into a fee increase on the users.

There’s a ton of speculation of the USD inflating badly soon, won’t be surprised if fees change more.


What companies do is set their service fees based on many more factors than just the taxes they must pay and the currency exchange rate at which they have to pay them.

And yes, as you say, it should come as no surprise to see fees changing over time, even if there was no speculation of the USD.

the order was not 5 dollars but 35 dollars, I guess if the new fees are calculated in percentage that’s why, and I guess that is also why I have less buyers now

I think that could not be a reason why you got less buyer now.
Everything must be changed and it must be adapted.

10 years ago, I eat a food and when it cost $10 for example, it’s the price without any taxes added on it.
Nowadays, when my government put a more concern on taxes, all food price must have taxes added on it.

So the $10 food become $11 or even more $11.5 cause some restaurant has turned out to become a very luxury restaurant.
And yet, they still have a lot of customers.

Just keep up your excellent work and you will soon notice that the fee applied to your gig price will have no effect.
Your buyer will understand and think nothing of it.

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So Fiverr is now making 25.5% on every order. Awesome.

Not really.

Except for a couple countries, most of the world is in love with prices being incl. of all taxes and Free delivery. They want to see the exact amount they’ll have to stash at the checkout window.

For them, if someone is charging more than the ‘printed’ price, it’s a scammer involved in illegal stuff, trying to steal, evading taxes, and probably funding bad actors. It is only responsible to inquire of such a practice before moving forward.

Fiverr should show this fee both to the buyers and sellers in advance; so buyers see the exact prices to be charged at checkout.

Most of the platforms do so already, e.g., Amazon, eBay, Fiverr competitors, etc.


Those are not new fees. Fees have been in percentage for a very long time for orders that are above 5$.

I was positive the very first time those fees were introduced they were $2 no matter the order, I guess they must have changed this shortly after, thanks!

Sorry man but I just sell on Fiverr. So it doesn’t affect me in any way.