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Fiverr Service Fee when ordering or giving tips

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and this was my post:
Yes, this is called greedy!
They take 20% of any gig or offer okay that’s how they make money but no wait they also take 20% of tips (if a client likes your work he/she gives you a tip) and now they you have to pay extra $2 when you order a gig
Also, they made the level thing change in the past year or couple of years (don’t remember) to put pressure on the freelancer so we can’t cancel the order if we don’t agree with the client (example: client asking for things aren’t offer in the gig) by forcing to cancel an order you will get a bad reputation and your gigs will be buried deep down, you also need to answer as soon as possible even if it’s 5AM
I call Fiverr policy Computer Modern Slavery!

But not I discovered a new thing, I liked my last order and I was going to give a tip and there I saw Service Fee $2! Are you serious? you take 20% of the tip + $2 ?
What happened to old good days Fiverr (Fiverr V1)