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Fiverr Service Fees & Paypal Fees

Hi Guys,

I am new user of fiverr. Before to sell the gig, i has few question want to know about the fiverr fees and paypal fees.

For example, my gig price is $5, if customer purchase my gigs, that $5 will go through fiverr side right? and it will deduct with the service fees 20% which mean I will $4. But if like the money $4 that keep my fiverr also will charge by paypal right which mean it will become $3.58. If I withdraw the money from fiverr to my personal paypal account the paypal will charge the money again (2.9%-$0.3). So, at the end the money that I will receive is total $3.17.

Above is base on my knowledge, actually i still no sure how payment on fiverr work. Anyone can assist me.

Thank You

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Your math looks a bit off but it doesn’t matter, you can make better use of your account like this:

1.) You sell a $5 order, Fiverr takes 20% and after clearance time, you get $4 in your Fiverr account
2.) If you withdraw your $4 immediately to PayPal, PayPal does take a fee, for me it would be about 8 cents. If I did that many times, it adds up, so I don’t do this. I skip 2 and leave my $4 on Fiverr. Why? Because if you withdraw a larger portion of money all at once, PayPal caps their fee at $1. So, skip to 3.
3.) When I have saved $100 in my Fiverr account, I withdraw to PayPal and keep $99. Much better.


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