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Fiverr Service fee's

I’ve been around fiverr for a few years now and, truth be told, it has helped tremendously throughout this pandemic we’re all living in. What i do find rather unpleasant is the fact that, over the fee’s that fiverr charges on a seller’s income, they do the same thing when it comes to the tips given to us by satisfied buyers! How can that make sense?


People will misuse it if there is option for no fees on tips.

You have 1000 topics on this subject already.

5$ price of the gig and 150 tip. Makes no sense?

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I look at Fiverr fees as a commission to Fiverr.

If I didn’t use Fiverr, I wouldn’t get the work I get here.

Instead of paying a huge annual subscription rate to be a Fiverr member, Fiverr gets a piece of every job/tip I get.

In my mind, that’s far more than fair.

what makes no sense is that a tip, that is an extra compensation given to a seller, outside of the value of a charged gig, has to go through a fee as well. When it regards a service made and not the service itself

i don’t find it fair, because you’re already being charged within the pricing you’ve set for your service. tips are bonuses, they shouldn’t have to go through the same process as the rest

I’ve owned a couple of businesses.

I like the business model used by Fiverr as it is not based on a Membership Fee.

It uses service fees to generate income, much like any government operation (I’m involved in local government).

I understand why you disagree, but I see it very differently than you.

While I do not think that the tip portion should be subject to fees, I am not against Fiverr taking 20% of that, as this option would be abused by some sellers. Also, 20% is a paltry sum compared to some commission structures on other sites.

This topic has been discussed for years - do a search on the topic and you will have quite a bit to digest as it has all been discussed/argued about/debated before.


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And yet here we are again and even after I explained why that is not feasible you still

People are thief’s, people are lier’s, people are frauds, people would sold their own mother if they could get money for it.

And same people will try to scam the system by getting the sale price in tip without fee.

You already know this. You have seen this all the time on ebay and wish.
Product price is 1$ shipping 30$.

You have maybe a handful people that will be able to stay with integrity and not scam the system.

It is not an insult.
When I have no food to eat and no way of making money for the food legally, i starve and die.

When I see my daughter starving I would sold my soul to get food for her.

It breaks you. Life breaks you on every molecule of your body to the point pain is unbearable.

Life is just one nightmare.