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Fiverr service order feee

Recently i have completed two orders Order #FO2F07A27586 and Order #FO6168BB89CC6

According to Fiverr service fee 20% from each order?
But on those Orders
Order #FO2F07A27586 : I EARNED $12.00 out of $20, (screnshort, let me know if fiverr service fee 20% it will be EARNED $16.00 out of $20

Same to Order #FO6168BB89CC6 : I EARNED $8.00 out of $15.00 (

But on this Order #FO1EFF8E0307: I EARNED $26.40 out of $33.00 and it’s charged fiverr service fee 20%


See in Earnings if the extras are accounted for separately, they might return in the order summary but not in the final number, hence why it’s 4$ (5$ with the 20% fee) less.

Someone made a thread recently like this, he went to the earnings page and simply found out the tips, extras and gigs were separate.

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