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Fiverr services, paid $5, got nothing but F or less, unacceptable


Hello guys,

Is that me or many of the guys that propose services on Fiverr lack imagination? I paid for a logo, which was horrible, after for a slogan, which again was horrible. Please tell me how does this site works? Cause i can’t seem to find great services AT ALL! I thought that is a great platform where you can find great things and not expensive, but i can see that the guys, if you buy a $5 order, they don’t put at all from themselves, that’s not correct and lack of professionalism. Fivver=$5 no? so for $5 you got good stuff or HORRIBLE STUFF?



When purchasing a gig, it advisable to always ask the seller for revising, in that case it will help you when you are not satisfied with the service.


Sorry you had a bad experience. For $5 you’ll often get very basic services, on Fiverr or anyplace else.

I’m not sure what you expect for $5, but that’s the entry point on the site. In most categories that doesn’t mean world class results. If you want excellence, be sure to find the seasoned sellers with a track record of success. Yes you’ll invest more, but the value is there.

Just like going to an open market with 100 vendors selling food. There will be a range, from “just ok” to excellent, but often the best ones will not be the cheapest.

Fiverr has plenty of great sellers at lower prices than other sites, but for some services $50 or $100 will still be cheap, depending on what you are buying.

Most seasoned/professional designers are not going to provide a great logo for $5.

What would they cost in your local market? I have no idea of the going rates in France, but I couldn’t find a local person in my area that would be under $50 or $75, and that would be the starting point for a basic logo.

Shop with care, there are some excellent sellers here. Just don’t assume all $5 sellers are excellent. Few can produce high value for that amount on any site.


well, i did it, but even with a description of 500 words, not capable to do what i asked


we didn’t want world class results, but we wanted to have more time to develop our project, but at the end we have to do it by ourselves, because it really lack of imagination…


Well, I could be wrong but my gut says you simply need to find the more experienced sellers and invest a bit more and you’ll find far better results.

Imagination is a combination of skill and art, and often takes someone more experienced.

It’s also dependent on exactly what you asked. With the right seller, you may need 20 words and they have the experience to build on that.

If you sent 500 words, it may be perfect and your seller couldn’t see your vision, or it may have contradictions that don’t work together.

Most of us who have have a few orders find buyers asking for things that don’t make sense, because they don’t know how to describe what they are looking for.

All good. You’ll find over time there are a huge set of quality sellers on Fiverr, with and without imagination.

You simply have to shop well at the start, and also be willing to invest a little more than $5 if you need experience and imagination. You could get lucky with a new seller, or get exactly what you paid for, it simply depends on who you select and their existing skills.


I think it is possible to find both exceptional services and rubbish anywhere. I also think you should remember that $5 is basically the price of a coffee. In most western countries, $4 (Fiverr gets 20%) is approx 25 minutes at minimum wage. Minimum wage! Not supreme designer rates!

If you pay $5 for a logo then I cannot imagine you should expect to get something fantastic - more something for the blog that you do in your spare time, not your main business.
The reality is that yes, you got services for $5. You may not be happy with them but outside of Fiverr, even those would have cost considerably more.
$5 for a slogan writer. Again, 25 minutes of thought from a minimum wage standard writer or possibly 5-7 minutes of a professional writer’s time.


You should look at reviews before purchasing, there is satisfying services if you take the time to look for them.


Yea $5 for a logo will probably get you a clipart with words attached in a random font. Sorry but that alone will take a few minutes. All the logo’s I’ve gotten done on Fiverr, I’ve paid well over $100 for and gotten great logos with unlimited revisions. If you wanted a logo done by a local company, it would probably cost a few hundred to a few thousand so why not invest a fraction of that and go for the better rated gigs with better portfolios? I’ve had people skip my gig for a lower priced one, then come back saying they need me to fix what the other person did and finish it up.


My words may seem harsh but i would say it… “You get what you pay”… Quality comes with time and time is money… Searching a good seller is an art… I feel sorry for your bad experience, but there are good sellers out there spend a bit more time finding someone good…


Well the service you asked for and the price tag will determine the result you get. Higher quality work don’t come cheap.


When one goes searching for the best bang for the buck, they do generally do get BANGED.:gun: