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First, i wanna say that fiverr as a product is excellent. Will use it a lot.


As a site, it needs some fixing in my opinion.

Where is the tutorials?
Where is customer support?
In this forum, where is the general questions thread? Help thread?
Where do you find information about "how to…"
Sure, you find some of it if you search for like an hour, but its super hard to find help.
Really annoying.

For example, i have tried to upload a picture (not a banner) to my profile, but it refuses to accept any of my pictures. And i cant find any info about it.
I saw someone posted in the forum, that the pic format should be 642*459, max 2MB…
But i cant get that confirmed anywhere, and it doesnt work anyway.

So fiverr, shape up your help-section! That will get new customer to use the site better, and it will automaticly create more sales, more gigs.

…and if somebody knows how to fix a photo, let me know…

jpeg dude. Your dimensions are right. Use photoshop or some other good image editing software to resize and voila. You already know where to find Customer Support with one click, and the forum is filled with advice that’s either helpful or completely useless.

Where is the tutorials?

You can read a lot in Fiverr academy

Where is Customer Support?

Follow the link Customer Support

In this forum, where is the general questions thread? Help thread?

You can search the forum by topics and you will be able to find a lot of helpful information on here

Where do you find information about “how to…”

Fiverr Academy, and Fiverr also has a bunch of youtube videos.

As long as your photo is at least those dimensions you can upload it. You can resize images or pay a fiverr seller $5 to do it for you. It’s not hard at all. Just look around. It may take a little time but that’s what work is about, spending some time at it.

Well i am pretty computer savvy, and i made 2 different pics, exact format but nothing works. Not .jpg .png or anything.
Asked support, and they told me to erase all cookies and restart. Didnt work. Tried both chrome and ie, and cellphone… nope.

Do you have to be a seller? Anything else that we missed?