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Fiverr, shame on you! $2 fiverr fee on a $5 tip for great service?!

The service fees for tips are insane. I didnt leave a $5 fee on a $10 job bc Fiverr is asking a $2 “service fee” for the tip. For what exactly? So I can hit submit and have my card charged? Why dont you support your hard working community of participants globally by allowing them to easily receive tips without turning off the buyer with a 40% fee???

Shame shame shame on you.

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Simply says, your attitude is disappointed me, and abusing is strictly prohibited here. Fiverr invests on his each individual, and have rights to get a share from their profits, It’s a mutual win win strategy. Fiverr clearly stated, what he will charge and why these charges are. So I suggested, you must literate your self with a share holding principles.

The reasons for fees on tipping have been discussed many times on the forum. Please read those discussions.

When Fiverr didn’t do this, sellers would negotiate with buyers to sell something for a very low price and then get a big tip, so they could avoid losing a cut off their business. Fiverr isn’t going to allow people to game the system and bilk them out of money.


For most of my time on fiverr we didn’t have the ability to get tips so it’s still a win/win situation for us sellers and fiverr. A tip is free money for us any way you look at it.


I don’t know why people don’t try to read the available resources first.

There are many pros and cons for a business, and for a newbie it is hard to understand.

So the win win situation is mandatory for a huge success.

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