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I am in Canada and offer shipping. For example shipping to the United States would be $10, can someone tell me why Fiverr takes $2 from that total? I may have to cancel this option because $8 does not cover a basic small envelope. I understand why Fiverr takes $1 from each order because they have to charge a fee but it does not make sense to take money from shipping. I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this matter… Thanks!

I understand you 100%

In fact what you’ll need to do is make your buyer purchase another gig to cover the bigger fees of shipping.

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The Creative Guys | 2014

I understand the buyer will pay for your Gig through Fiverr.

But, as far as the shipping charges that the buyer will pay for…

Can a buyer send you payment (for shipping charges) with another method? Like by sending you a check, or sending payment to you directly using PayPal?

If not, what if your shipping charges are not an “exact” multiple of $5.00? For example if your shipping charges was $6.00, or $11.00.