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Fiverr Shopping Cart is Gone?!

As of today, Wednesday March 28th 2018. I cannot see the shopping cart in the header menu (it has simply disappeared). Also the button to “add to cart” has been removed from gig pages, and checkout pages.

No news, or notice from Fiverr. What is going on?

First team account prepaids are gone, next the shopping cart…?

Well I contacted Fiverr and indeed, they have removed the shopping cart without notice. And I’m still not quite clear why and if we are ever getting it back. For me, that’s big news…

Thank you or reaching out to us. This feature has recently been removed for our Developers to work on for improvements. If you have any concerns regarding this, please let us know so we may pass on the comments to our Product Developers to review.

For the time being, please use the “proceed to checkout” button to purchase your services.

Well, I’m guessing they can make more money in processing fees.

It’s annoying that we now have to do 10 separate transactions vice just one. The shopping cart wasn’t just a money savor for buyers, it was also very convenient when making multiple purchases.

Team Account was great because it encouraged me to leave a small $5 to $10 gratuity on a smaller order without excessive fees.

I’m quite annoyed that both the Team Account & Shopping Cart are gone. These were great features.

Oh well, nothing I can do but sulk. There aren’t enough “buyers only” here for 5r to care.


I still see the cart but it might be gone soon.

Hey, Gina!

From a Buyer POV do you find anything appealing about the :new: Business Tools feature?

No, I do not find it useful.

Business Tools is designed for single purchase, not multiple. Example, I’m designing web page and find all the sellers & gigs I want. I have to sit at my computer and do multiple transactions, one at a time.

My credit card will be billed multiple times. It’s hard to keep track.

With shopping cart, my credit card is billed one time - it saved money, time and cleaner transaction. You can’t use cart with BT only personal.


Wow, that sounds tedious! It’s a shame 'cause I really thought BT would be an improvement for TA.
More Buyers should express their concerns.

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Well, BT does keep business transaction organized and I’m able to view more than just how much I paid. Each transaction has detailed information for quick and easy access.

If it only had a shopping cart for multiple purchases, it would be ideal.

Unlike team account, employees have access to my credit card. I have set the 5r spending limit to $500 per month, so after that they can no longer make business purchases. TA was better for employee access without sensitive information.

I did 2 or 3 transaction using business tools before I quit using it. It’s ideal for large purchases but not for multiple small purchases.