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Fiverr Shortened Urls

Hello fellow sellers and buyers,

Does anyone knows how to shorten our link urls without removing the ?

Check out this url from crorkservice to see what I mean. Ise there any tool or trick that does this?

Really don’t know about this.

I am also want to know about this :slight_smile:

Where did you find the shortened link?

You delete the part you don’t need. For example, here’s one of my links:

It looks ugly, right? So I just delete “?extras=1928984” and share “

See? It’s easy.

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Go to your gig page. Click on the twitter icon on the right. A ‘share on twitter’ window will appear, and there you have the URL just as you want.

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Reply to @traffic24x7: What do you mean I can’t? Then how is he doing it?

It’s so much easy now. Just I did it for this -

Open gig you wanna share
Go to Gig > Find button “Share you Gig” on top right corner.
Click it
Click button “Copy Link”
And that’s it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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