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Fiverr should add a Clock on every profile

Fiverr should add a new feature. It should be something like that any seller/buyer can see everyone’s Country time. The time clock should be present on the profile of the every seller/buyer. So it will be easy to manage.

Hope, Fiverr will add a Time Clock on Profile page soon.


I could see this being useful

You are totally right.

Timezone would be enough, I think. Buyers ask me about timezone pretty often since country is big. Once again we can put it in description, but better if automatically shown somewhere near the country.

Not sure it would be helpful because if it’s 4 am in my area it doesn’t have to mean I’m asleep. I’d prefer some sort of ‘sleeping’ option which could be activated once every 24 hours. The way it could work would be:

-every user can activate it once every 24 hours
-duration can only be between 3-8 hours
-others can see that the seller is ‘sleeping’ on their profile
-they can still order, but the clock starts ticking only when the ‘sleeping period’ ends
-you can’t go ‘sleeping’ if you have an order on going (so you can’t delay the timer)
-during this period, a user’s response time is not affected
-you can manually end the ‘sleeping period’ but you can’t activate it again until 24 hours have passed (counts from the moment you activate it)

This would be nice if it could be implemented without affecting gigs’ placement in the search. Since it wouldn’t be like a vacation, orders could still be placed if buyers were willing to wait for you to ‘wake up’.

If nothing else, just give us an option to leave ‘sleeping’ or ‘away for a bit’ which does absolutely nothing besides letting someone know we might response a bit slower.

Being night time doesn’t mean one is sleeping. Each person has it’s own sleeping schedule.

Besides, who cares if I’m sleeping, out for a run, or at a Metallica concert.
If buyers want to know if I’m available in that precise moment, just need to send me a message with their request, and they’ll find out. I think that the time of the day is irrelevant.

I don’t know if I agree with all the other suggestions, but a clock that showed the seller’s local time relative to the buyer’s local time would be immensely useful. This would make buyers realize, “Oh, gee, I can’t expect a 20-minute turn-around because it’s 2am in wherever-the-seller-is.”

Yes add the clock!

This suggestion is useful and may need a little tweaking coming from other people’s suggestions but the main point is useful! haha… would love to see “something” like this. :slight_smile:

This would be great, but only if we have option to add and remove from profile. As people said it doesn’t mean 2AM that we aren’t online and working.

Also I think @zeromark suggestion is even better.

I’m not sure that adding a clock would really help. Some people are awake and working at 4 AM, and just because it’s noon, doesn’t mean that the seller is available to talk immediately.

I agree with belengarcia, if buyers want to know whether I can answer them instantly, they can easily find out by sending me a message. A clock or even ‘awake time’ doesn’t guarantee anything.

Reply to @catwriter Yeah, I’d hate someone to order the ‘within 5 hours’ while I’m asleep. I encourage contacting beforehand to prevent that, but I got an order for it without any messages yesterday. Luckily I was online and no problems occurred.

Reply to @orcatek: Yes it will be very useful

Reply to @kalifano: Thank You

Reply to @ruslancer: Yes, i have already added my timezone in my profile’s description.

Reply to @zeromark: I think so your idea is better than mine

Reply to @belengarcia: I agree

Reply to @jamesbulls: Yes, the clock will be very useful, fiverr should add it.

Reply to @julipalmer7: Thank You juliparmer7 for supporting my suggestion :slight_smile:

Reply to @zeromark:

zeromark said: -you can't go 'sleeping' if you have an order on going (so you can't delay the timer)

So, sellers who often have 20+ orders in the queue can never go ‘sleeping’? Or have I misunderstood you? :slight_smile: