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Fiverr should add a Clock on every profile

Reply to @catwriter: If they could, they would use it to delay the orders’ deadlines. I thought it’d be best if they finished their orders first, but maybe it’d be better to just let the clock keep ticking for ongoing orders even when the seller is ‘sleeping’. This would still let him prevent other orders from starting before he ‘woke up’. Although this could be used by people with 20+ orders to just take a break from new orders and just finish the ones at hand during the 3-8 hour period.

This is just a suggestion though. It wouldn’t even have to be ‘sleeping’. ‘On my daily break’ or ‘Away for a bit’ would be fine as long as we could let people know when we aren’t available.

Reply to @catwriter: This would be more for people who order without contacting beforehand. If everyone sent a simple message before ordering, it would be perfect. Unfortunately, more people don’t, at least from my experience.

Reply to @zeromark: I’ve just taken a look at your gig, so I get where you’re coming from. I don’t offer 24 hour delivery (let alone delivery within 5 hours), and I turn down buyers who must have it OMG superurgent superfast (preferably yesterday), so it makes no difference to me whether they place their order while I’m sleeping or while I’m awake. I see how it could help you, though.

Reply to @zeromark: Thank you for the clarification!