Fiverr Should Add Alternative To PayPal For Buyers


I have many people that said that they can’t make purchase on Fiverr due to the fact that they are not using PayPal. They claimed that even trying to use card will still be processed through PayPal.

So, I think Fiverr should introduce another secure means of payment for the buyers. It could be to allow them to use any widely accept ATM cards


Yes another payment method will be great for 2014. I want to order so many gigs but can’t cause of paypal issue.


Paypal is user friendly and the most secure payment method you can use. I don’t get why anyone would want to use their credit card directly, not secure at all. Just go through Paypal!

If Paypal is not actually available in their country, then that’s another issue.


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Paypal suspend my account for high risk ( the reason i know is because two thing : use paypal to order pizza ( awlays ) and because i get money from my family overseas ) . So yeah will be great if can use another payment service


There is the option of the Fiverr Revenue Card (Payoneer). That is supported in almost all countries, I believe.


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So how to pay for gigs if your country is not PayPal available?


Reply to @aingham69: I am not sure if you can use the Revenue card for Gig purchase. Though, you can use it to make purchase on other sites, but not on Fiverr.