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Fiverr should add other payment methods beside paypal and payoneer

Fiverr should add other payment methods because payoneer closed my account just by saying you have violated our terms and conditions, I contacted fiverr to remove my current payoneer account from my payment method and they did that. Now when I try to add a new payoneer account to my fiverr an error is shown “It seems you have already have submitted a payoneer application”. Payoneer won’t allow me to add any account to my fiverr which means my freelancing is over with fiverr as paypal isn’t available in my country. I have over 500 USD in my fiverr account but I am helpless as there is no way to get my hard earned money. I am a level 1 seller and it took me 6 months to reach this level. All my hard work is vanished only because of payoneer.


That is really sad to hear.

Fiverr could use some other payment methods, which they don’t. But you can ask your friends or relatives about the payment to be taken to their paypal account. Otherwise the money is stuck.

I am really sorry to hear that

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I am hoping fiverr will do something as payoneer closed my account without any solid reason.