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Fiverr should allow seller to withdraw same day

fiver shoulld change and add option to allow sellers to withdraw money they earned the same day.
after the gig has been marked completed this means both users agreed so why wait another 15 days for the money , i think comparing to other sites , 15days is along time to wait .

fiverr should take this and consider a new apprache.


There are safety reasons.

What about when the order auto-completes? The client may not agree with what you delivered, but he did not have enough time to respond. I agree, 14 days may be a bit too long, but it’s understandable.


Sometimes designers use images which has copyrights to another person on their projects. So the bullet is coming towards to the clients. So cases like that client might open a dispute with that. So no question ask fiverr will refund the money. And yes, there are many other reasons :sunglasses: