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Fiverr should allow us send files directly from the buyers request to buyers

Can something be done ASAP about this…A buyer will be able to upload a file for sellers to view and respond. But the seller cant send anything(file) to the buyer.
Do you know that some buyers are NEW, when they ask u to send your samples, they think its automatic.Not knowing they will have to first send the seller a message.
I hope its going to be reviewed someday.

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No they shouldn’t. Why? Because people would misuse this to send spam, viruses, send their websites and other information to take their business off of Fiverr and goodness knows what else.

You don’t need to send files to write a great, effective pitch. If you read anything on sales, you’ll see that you don’t send files in a preliminary cold message. It’s rude, sketchy and ineffective.


Do you know that most sellers would rather walk through fire than work with buyers from buyer requests?

When a buyer in buyer requests says they want to see samples, what they (usually) mean is, "I want 30+ samples from random people. I’ll choose the best and most relevant and then likely steal them."

Do yourself a favor and pretend buyer requests doesn’t exist. Focus instead on having gigs which buyers want to buy direct. If you don’t want to do that, you can easily tell buyers that you will provide samples when they message you.


@cyaxrex Thanks and I’ve never thought of it

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I think you can provide a link with your sample works.

I think this would make the process a lot more cumbersome if you ask me

Just tell them that you can’t send a sample through the offer, and that you’ll send it when they contact you.