Fiverr Should allow us to pay a advertise on their Site


Just like Amazon allows buyers to advertise their products and this ads show up when the buyer is searching or viewing a similar product, Fiverr should adopt this feature too.


What are you talking about?


The did have a ‘promote you gig’ thing a few months ago, but it no longer exists.

Fiverr would take a larger part of your sale when your gig was promoted and purchased.


I mean just like you have the “featured gig” section on the homepage, We buyers should be allowed to buy ad space too.
Check amazon…You will understand me better.


Yeah, I heard so.
They should model it better.
Maybe just like people bid for fb ads, buyers bid too and the highest bidder gets the ad space. No forcing a larger part of the sale from buyer.

I might be talking trash anyway but what I just mean is that they should model the stuff better and relaunch again.


I think you meant "sellers"
What will a buyer want to advertise when he is the consumer.
Sellers are the ones to push their products.


And what happens if you end up having to pay more to advertise on Fiverr, than you are earning in income? Fiverr already keeps 20% of all sales. For every $5, you keep $4 and Fiverr gets $1.

What happens when you pay $2 per order to Fiverr for on-site advertising, letting you keep $2 of every order, while Fiverr keeps $3? You would be losing money, and not able to make a profit. When that happens, what’s the point of working on Fiverr?

I don’t think you’ve done the math.

It might be best for you to, instead, take responsibility for your own marketing. YOU have the ability to market and promote your own gigs. Take responsibility and do it yourself, instead of trying to find shortcuts that cost you more money, and remove your income on this site.


He said in the post above that it would be a bidding system not a percentage system. So you’d pay one fixed price to get your fiverr gig advertised for a certain period of time. It wouldn’t be a higher percentage off each order.


I do not think that’s a good idea, why should you be on the front page if you did not work to deserve it. It’s just my opinion.


I don’t think that’s a good idea for good seller.


Hey friend… I think its not a good idea… If so the value will be decrease…


Sorry… that was a mistake.
I meant to say “sellers”


It’s ok.
I appreciate your contribution sir.

Thank you.


My final reply would be this, I think these ad stuff can work out.
Just like facebook has set standards and their advertising business is booming, Fiverr can too.
There will always be reasons why it cannot work, but there is also a solution to that too.

Thanks for your contribution guys.

More contributions are still welcomed.