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Fiverr should auto add stars, In case a buyer get the work done and go away without marking order completed


I am facing problem in marking order complete and getting rating and reviews.

Almost 8-10 of my order are not rated. A client gets the work done and go away. One issue is that client use a mobile app, and it does not allow to rate and review a completed order.

Fiverr should auto add stars, so that as per new level system, our analytics may not go below than the actual?

Please suggest, how I can resolve this issue?

Thank you


It is disappointing to the sellers when they do not get reviews. Buyers are given a chance to review sellers twice when they complete the order. Therefore, if no review is left that is their choice. Some buyers are very busy, some do not like to write reviews.

Fiverr cannot auto add stars since Fiverr did not buy our gigs.


Very disappointing :frowning:

Agree , I got 3 of my orders just sitting there completed with no review at all :frowning:

Look on the bright side - Fiverr could decide that if a buyer doesn’t leave a review then the seller should automatically get a 1 star review. That would be equally unfair!

Only about 70% of buyers leave a review - don’t worry about it. No review is better than a negative one! :wink:


Excellent idea. Really its will be better if auto star will be start.

Same problem here. What are we doing?

Don’t look at the lack of reviews as a problem – see the opportunity. You got paid for your skills. Someone hired you because they wanted what you have to offer, you delivered what they ordered, and you got paid. There is nothing wrong with that.

There will always be future opportunities to earn reviews.

Look at it this way: Does your favorite barista gain a public review after she hands you your coffee at your local coffee shop? Does the cashier at the grocery store gain a public review because she was friendly while she rang up your purchase? Not likely. You are a freelancer in demand – people want your services. Reviews are not, nor should they ever, be guaranteed – they are a bonus for work well done.

You’re not going to get reviews for most of the orders you deliver. And that’s okay. Move on to the next order, and deliver top quality work that could earn a positive review – if the buyer chooses to post one.


Yes i agree with you. We work hard but sometimes buyer go away without giving any review or sometimes the order is auto marked as completed. Fiverr should give auto 5 star in this case to support the seller.

No, no, no… and no. This should NEVER happen!

Five-star reviews should ALWAYS be earned. If a seller doesn’t CHOOSE to review you with 5 stars, then you don’t deserve it, and should NOT have it.

Automated “perfection reviews” are a terrible idea, and should never, ever happen.


:scream: Oh, my! :exploding_head:


Then Fiverr should not auto mark complete as well, as per your comments?
I am just talking the case when Buyer do not mark order completed and Fiverr mark auto-complete an Order.

My expression reading his comment :hushed:
I agree it’s a bad idea! :ok_hand:t4:


Then you should agree with the Auto-complete Order is also a bad idea?
I am just talking about the Orders Auto completed by Fiverr

Why 5 star and not 3 star reviews?

When I love delivery, I can’t wait to give my seller an awesome write-up and :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: .

When I hate, dislike a delivery, from the kindness of my heart, I leave no review so I won’t ruin a seller’s career. If I were to go back and review orders that I had not in the past, it would be 3 stars at best.


How would fiverr know whether you deserved a 1 star or 5 star? Sorry, but participation trophies are not helpful to anyone.


No, I disagree! The auto-complete order is A-OK in my :blue_book:. Why in the world should I sit around and wait for the buyer to complete the job? Um, no (3) days is enough time.


Auto adding star maybe will not be good but total order amount (including unrated orders) will be shown. Fiverr can do this. I think this would be urget instead of showing order sells :slight_smile:

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So what you are saying, you can make bad work, buyer doesn’t want to review, and you will get 5 stars. You will climb up the levels even you are doing bad work?

P.S. I am not accusing you about bad work, just saying what would happen with auto 5 stars


I have 150 of.such orders which are not rated so it’s okay …some.dont want to give a review fearing their clients will.know someday … I got of my buyer :slight_smile:

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