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Fiverr, should awarded me :)


Hello Fiverr :slight_smile:

Today i invited a client from another marketplace to Fiverr.
My client say’s she’s now in love with fiverr.

I should be rewarded by fiverr team for this great task :slight_smile: (y)


fiverr not allow to direct contact any person .


Are not the reward the five dollars of referrals? :confused:


yes,first my client hired me on another marketplace then i told her about fiverr.Then she again ordered using fiverr. 40$ order and fiverr got 8$ :smiley:


Yea it just shows that ’ invite a friend and get $5 ! '. But when you do so. You get nothing. Cheers fiver!


There’s the invite a friend and get $5 back thing but I’m pretty sure it’s bs lol


There is option in every profile. “invite a friend, earn a reward”.


remember you have to use the referral option and invite them through it, not just tell them to sign up.
If you go through the steps you do indeed get your $5.


If you don’t get that shortened Google link out of your gig descriptions, Fiverr may award you with something you don’t want. Bringing traffic should only be done by means approved by Fiverr.