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FIVERR? Should be called ThirtyRR or FortyRR


Aren’t you lucky! You got 4 years of getting great work done for $5!
I have no idea what job you are looking to get done but there are still a lot of things available for $5.
The $5 price stopped many highly professional and experienced people from selling on Fiverr. Now that the option for higher starting prices is available, the type of sellers and services available has grown substantially as well as the quality. It is a good and natural progression of the site, not a problem.
Perhaps you are confusing “clickbait situation” with “greater choice”.


In 4 years prices where I live have doubled for just about everything. You realize the seller only ends up with about $3.80 after fees are taken out?

You are still getting an amazing deal even at $30 or $40. Surely you don’t think it’s reasonable to ask anyone to do anything for only $3.80?

And still you can find sellers who offer great work for only $5. I still do $5 jobs and write it off as a loss since I don’t even break even on those.


In general you can buy gigs on Fiverr starting at $5,00. Not from every seller, but they are available. So what’s the problem?


I don’t know. Maybe the quality of the sellers has gone up and they realize it takes a higher investment to provide the services most buyers want.

If someone is going to put something together to meet your specs, how much time do you think that will take them? They have to invest some time to figure out/understand your specs.

They may have to have 3 conversations with you to understand how things work, or they may have questions.

The better sellers are invested in their experience/learning/software/hardware/internet connections so they can provide quality service.

That said, if you find someone new who needs the experience, they will often work cheap. The more experienced people don’t need to do another 20-40 minute job just for the experience.


If I want to earn at least >= my country’s minimum wage, a literal 5er job gets you a total of about 12 minutes of my time. Is that really enough to do what you need done?


Yours is a recurring topic; the answers to which never cease to amaze me.

I’ve often seen buyers wondering why they should spend one cent more than the platform’s infamous namesake. After all, why is it called Fiverr if people don’t charge you one? The oxymoron camping on the site’s homepage partially answers your question. Hiring professionals for as little as five dollars might sound like a dream, mostly because that’s all it will ever be. I’d ask you to keep the word professional in mind, as we’ll come back to this concept in a few lines.

As someone already mentioned before me, pricing mainly comes down to the kind of service you are requesting; with your seller’s nationality, other sources of income, lifestyle, skills and experience also playing a huge part. This list allows us to divide Fiverr Users into three main categories.

  • Buyers: people such as yourself who come to the site looking for a great deal or a way to save some money. There’s no need to beat around the bush here: the majority of those with higher budgets don’t usually turn to a company that promises ridiculously low prices.
    While I don’t want to trespass into your personal business nor judge the way you manage your funds, let us simply agree on the main motif behind your visit. Personally, I support the You get what you pay for philosophy.

  • Casual Sellers: a macro-group that includes anybody that fundamentally doesn’t do this for a living. Specific examples might be trainees, students, people who have a main job and are looking to make a bit of extra cash on the side, and the occasional good Samaritan who feels okay with doing a bit of work without breaking even.

  • Professional Sellers: as the word says, here we find those who decided to make a profession out of the stuff they do. Based on some of the details I listed above, these people might need to pay taxes, buy supplies and may have undergone long years of training. Additionally, the fact that this is their main occupation also means that revenues should be enough to pay bills, put some food on the table and cover the occasional change of clothing and other expenses.

Let us, for a moment, imagine that all sellers on Fiverr belong to the third category. The huge amount of incoherent mulbing, google translate and ripped off logos you can find on the site tells you that this is definitely not the case; but for the sake of my argument let us pretend so.

Here’s what the average work day would look like: wake up at 7, or 8 in the morning; brew some coffee; check emails/planner; open Fiverr; pick the first order on your To-Do list, work on it until completion; deliver it; rinse; repeat. You can sprinkle in a few visits to the bathroom, a sandwich, and several cups of coffee, if it makes the whole scenario more human to your eyes.

As you can easily imagine, processing and completing each task requires a certain amount of time. If the sellers are to eat at the end of the day, their animal instincts tell them to invest the majority of their efforts in procuring the much needed nourishment.

They may find themselves in a pickle. How will they manage to both deliver your order and procure food? Luckily, the solution is right behind the corner: raising their prices allows them to stop worrying about dying of starvation, as the revenue from the job they are doing will be sufficient to satisfy their needs. On a side note: not having that specific thought in your head also amazingly contributes to the total level of concentration you can achieve while working.

In Conclusion or TL; DR!
I recognize I might have gone on a tangent there, with all of that survivalist mumbo-jumbo, but I am certain you got the point of it.

Just because your transactions go through Fiverr, it doesn’t mean that you should be allowed to pay your products less than what they’d be worth in real life.

Reading your message, I noticed how you’re complaining for a graphic designer - someone who had to learn how to do what you’re requesting - charging you 40 USD for a project. I’ll share a secret with you: walking into any GD’s studio with that amount of money and asking for anything more than three lines and a narrow spray of paint will only get you a laugh and a finger showing you the door. The same goes for most translators, writers, marketers, and other creative professions.

To show you I care, I want to tell you this: you will always find, either here on Fiverr or through the internet, people promising you the moon for nothing in return. As a general rule of thumb: if it is too good to be true, it normally isn’t. Men are yet to discover how to live out of nothing but air.

We all need to get to the end of the month, either by charging you guys the right amount for our services or by tricking you.

Now that you know that, feel free to pick your poison!

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Anybody who says ‘it’s not that complicated’ usually has little idea of exactly how complicated ‘it’ is.


Either that, or it’s the variation of the old “it’s an easy job for the right seller”, which translates to “I have no intention to pay more than a few pennies, now I just need to find someone inexperienced enough to fall for it”.


Even that, though, can hardly be blamed on the buyer.
When shopping for groceries, wouldn’t you look for the best available price before moving a specific article to your bag/trolley/basket or any other temporary container?

Only fault here is the seller’s. Too many people desperately approach Fiverr believing working here will solve all of their financial problems. When they notice that buyers aren’t magically flocking to their profiles and lack discernible skills, they lower their prices hoping for someone to take advantage of it.

These people are technically begging to be exploited.


No, I look for the best product that I can afford.

Best available price usually means that the article is inedible, unless your choice is either that article or digging through the trashcans (and even then, trashcans would probably contain something more edible in them).


@treyking11 yes it does look into my profile LOL


What I meant was: knowing what you want (having a project in your hands) and being sure that you will find someone who can do that for peanuts, wouldn’t you go for it?

That’s the problem here: as long as there will be people accepting to complete these tasks merely for the glory of it, those asking for a fair price will always be questioned.

Here’s an example I’m sure you can relate to: We’re both writers.

You do shorter things and charge accordingly. Most of your projects could fit within the starting at 5 bucks category.
I deal with slightly larger assignments, often requiring days or weeks to be completed. As such, my orders average at 60/100 USD, with peaks at 4/5/600.

I’ve had people asking me to translate entire books of poems (roughly 100.000 words, in rhymes) from English (West Germanic Language) to Italian (Romance Language) for 100 bucks.When I tried explaining to them that the budget was simply not going to cover it, I was told they expected low prices because the site promised that.

Have they found someone? Likely…


Someone who used Google Translate, most likely.

Maybe as an experiment, just to see what happens. If I needed professional quality, I wouldn’t expect to pay peanuts for it, and I wouldn’t trust anyone who offers to do it for peanuts (well, not unless someone I know recommends them, and if that’s the case, I’d pay more than they asked for).

DISCLAIMER, just in case: if anyone spams me after this with a “buy my gig plz” message, I know where the ‘Report’ button is.


Might be 'cause I work with people both on and off of Fiverr, but it seems like the former group is seldom concerned with high quality.

I also feel like the platform itself promotes quantity over quality.The fact that leveling up requires completing a specific amount of orders within a pre-allotted timeframe and the fixed “fiverr fee” make me think that the whole thing was designed for quick and easy assignments.


It was designed for quick, easy, and fun, not for professional work. Let’s see what people will do for $5, that sort of thing.

After a while, people realized that they could sell and receive professional services, too, but the platform has yet to evolve to fully support it.


This entire thread is a non-argument that has been had a thousand times already. If I search for any gig in my niche, I find offers for $5 everywhere. At the same time, I find gig offerings starting at $40 and above. The only people who rant like this are those who want $40 or a days work for $5 and they want that out of principle because it says Fiverr over the door.


Great explanation, but as a professional seller I can tell you that today I woke up at 11:30am, then took a shower, checked my e-mails, drove to the car dealer to pick up a second set of keys, came back around 3, and spent 5 hours working (and goofing off online, I do that a lot). Now I’m done for the day.


Interesting fact! I decided to do some maths…

  • $4 revenue from each order ->
  • $3.90 after PayPal fees ->
  • $3.90 in GBP is £3.14 ->
  • £2.52 after including the 20% basic income tax rate in England ->
  • £7.20 is the national minimum wage in England

Conclusion: 21 minutes per $5 order, which is equal to the amount of time I spent writing this post. :sweat:


That is for minimum wage, doesn’t include the time required for messages, inquiries, follow up, silly questions etc.


Your minimum wage is too much. Our Indian farmers make $75/month. Enough of your first world problems. @mrproofreading