Fiverr should be more attentive about changes in gig titles


We know that some sellers completely change the title of a gig and sell a new service but keep the reviews of the old gig. Not honest!
I have just noticed a very special change that seems to me completely fraudulent and a big lie for potential buyers!

I was looking for a gig and found a pro seller who has about 50 reviews on his gig (lots of old reviews - 5 reviews in the last 6 months).
Then I checked a little and discovered that the URL of this gig doesn’t describe this gig. (URL never changes even if you change the title).
The url as something like : review adult and erotica product
The gig as nothing to see with erotica product. I won’t write the title because I don’t want this seller to be identified on the forum - (rules).

I can read in the reviews that some old reviews refer to erotica stuff.

It’s not honest at all. Some people may think that this pro seller has a huge experience on the new gig he’s selling but his experience is on erotica stuff.

How Fiverr can accept this pro seller to mix the reviews of very different gigs ?!
It seems that pro sellers are vetted. How is it possible to see such frauds on a Pro account. ?


Let me give you a different example from my own experience.

I have different gig titles on at least one gig from the URL. It happened when I was new, five years ago, and decided I wanted a different more descriptive title.

There was no intent to trick people. It’s been that way for almost five years.

It’s the same gig as it’s always been, in my case, but I just wanted a better title. I never thought about it. I can’t speak for everyone who has this but in my case it is the exact same gig as always.


It’s a very good thing you actually read the gig description and looked into the gig more carefully before you made a mistake and ordered the gig. I wish more potential sellers would do the same and actually read and follow gig descriptions and instructions before ordering. It saves us all a lot of frustration and gets you and I exactly what we need.


I also changed titles of my own gigs to improve them (more precise, keywords…) but I didn’t change from something like “erotica review” to “create a website” or “translate into russian”… That’s what I am talking about. This pro seller has completely changed the gig. And the competences are not the same. Nearly 50 reviews but it seems that there are only 5 since the “pro” has been implemented on Fiverr (5-6 months ago). Among those 5 reviews, there is a 1 star review…


So long as you’re offering what Fiverr describes as a ‘similar service’ it’s okay by CS.

If I were to start offering an article writing gig (heaven forbid!) in place of one of my video gigs, that would not be acceptable, but if I wanted to offer a different video service in its place, then that would be okay.


I confirm that it’s not a similar gig.
What is really surprising is that a pro seller managed to change his gig like that and can benefit of 45 reviews that are not related to what he is selling today.

Fiverr promotes pro sellers as “vetted”…


I’m curious to see it if you want to message me about which gig it is.


That’s actually not allowed especially if the gig falls into a completely different category. I know a TRS who was demoted because he did the same thing. I am surprised it passed review since their gigs are monitored by their pro managers at all times.