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Fiverr should block these Forum spammers via ip address [CLOSED]

This is enough already. They have been spamming the forum for a long time. It’s best for fiverr to block them via their ip addresses so that they will not be able to create additional accounts.

Agree. I don’t feel like coming to the forum anymore because of them. I guess the other regulars also feel the same way, I haven’t seen many of them around in a while.

There is software in place that normally blocks it, though IP may not be used since these are not generated and they change addresses as fast as they can be blocked. As mentioned in the forum header, there are people working around the clock on this. It is frustrating for everyone. We appreciate support.

The spam is being reduced with the best efforts we have to offer alongside our gigs, sleep and family. I’m sorry it isn’t yet to your standards but we are trying.

I don’t blame you and the other mods for this, of course!

There has to be a software solution to this, not a human solution.

@fonthaunt, Eoin, Jonbaas, Cyaxrex, Annai80 among others
We know that you are working hard. Thanks for that. I just hope that Baba Ji spammer will completely go.

It actually has to be some of both, but ideally there is balance. Software can block an IP but a spammer uses many IP’s. Software can block keywords and that when you see spam that LoOks lIKe ThiS so they escaping any forgotten case code. Or, they post in s foreign language.

The human side gets the small spam and watchers for bot spammers with new tricks. We’ll get there again, you just saw my own frustration at recent changed that heavily impacted the forum block software and moderator roles. CRazEe! :wink:

The flood control time should be changed to 10minutes with 1 topic. That should be a quick solution now.

This would be very difficult since the spammers are creating new usernames instantly. As @fonthaunt said we are trying our best and appreciate your patience and support.

I clicked the ˝report˝ button for today´s many spams. But then I realised I was not even signed in. Bugger, lol.

Thanks. I really appreciate the hardwork the Forum team is doing. :+1:

Just tap in to proxy lists in addition to software that identifies proxies and most spam will stop.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Aren’t there hundreds of proxies? And they change IPs constantly?

  1. IP addresses can be changed in under 10 seconds
  2. If I block an IP address and it belongs to my local public library computers, anyone that goes to the public library computers will be banned because of the actions of 1
  3. I am in Canada, I can log out of Fiverr, then log back in and Fiverr’s servers could think I am in China, Kazakhstan or Kosovo within 30 seconds of my last log out.

Did you know, depending on your ISP, you can unplug the power chord from your modem, count 30 mississipis and plugin it back in, wait about 30-60 seconds reboot of your modem or less and voila new IP.

As you all can see, the worst of the bot spam is now under control thanks to the efforts of Fiverr development working with the forum admin/mod team. Thanks to all for reporting and I can tell you that the forum team is happy to have time to answer more questions and do something other than delete scam posts! :slight_smile: This thread is closed for now.