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Fiverr Should charge less commission on big orders

Hi fiverr team, First of all i would like to thank you for providing a platform for the people to work and earn for the living.

I am an electrical engineer and full time freelancer on fiverr. I do projects around 100 to 500 USD but when it comes to 20% commission we are charged 120USD on 600USD. 20% on 5USD are reasonable but please stop charging 20% on big orders.

Due to this many people ask the buyers to pay through other means. I consider this as a bad thing, I mean if fiverr is providing a client then it deserves commission that’s why i am writing to you.

Please consider this matter seriously. Alot of professional people will come to the fiverr and bussiness will become bigger for firverr, for sellers and for buyers.


The best way to say thank you is to pay 20% from every order you get thanks to Fiverr :wink:
You get to use this platform without any monthly payments. If you don’t make money, Fiverr doesn’t make money. They are giving you the platform for free without knowing if you’ll ever make a sale or not.

What? Sellers who make $5 per order should pay for you?
How about if your order is less than $1000 you pay 20% and if it’s over then you pay nothing? Would you be OK with that? Why should $5 gigs be charged with 20%?

You do understand that Fiverr deserves to get their commission, but you don’t like to pay it because…

How exactly does Fiverr get bigger if you think that bigger orders should not give 20% to Fiverr?


Because of a higher order volume.

Engineers! I am amazed how some folks can be so smart with regard to a particular discipline, yet so absolutely unaware about the realities of the world.

So let the folks who complete small orders fund fiverr so you can be rewarded by paying less? For 20% you get exposure on a site that is top 400 traffic, worldwide. You get customer service people, you get the ability to accept any credit card worldwide, and somehow feel that there is no value provided?

How about this, realize that you are getting huge value from fiverr and commit to paying your fair share here.



That’s a bit selfish on us ‘little guys’ who don’t get big value orders. :roll_eyes:


Like when the BMW salesman moves you from the $60K 5 series to the $100K 7 series, they cut his commission to reward him for the additional $40K in sales. :grinning:


Great. Monthly fee of 120 USD and 0% commission. Is it fine for you?


This complaint always amazes me. If fiverr can’t make a decent profit, then they shut down and we all lose.


I guess they calculated all the s!@# that comes into play many times and came to the conclusion that 20% is the one that keeps people on both sides of the fence happy.


Its easy - stop looking at your per order commission and look at everyone’s overall annual income.
If you sell 20x$600 jobs = $12000
Someone else gets 1200x$10 jobs = $12000
You both earn the same and you both pay the same.


I just finished a $105,- gig and see it as a $84,- gig. This makes it easier.

We had this discussion many times before and I still think that to worship the 20% cut isn’t any smarter than wanting a 5% cut. The point is that they have to make a profit and aren’t just going for break even. Everybody knows this from the get go and can take it or leave it.

Mic drop :slight_smile:


ypur post is very effective for me…thank you

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I am not saying seller who work for 5$ pay for me. I am just saying processing for 5$ order and processing for 500$ is same.

Fiverr will charge 1$ on the order of 5$ and 100$ on the order of 500$. My point is if they reduce commission to 10% on bigger order then still they will get 50$. That is what i am trying to say.


I am not saying they should not charge 20% on bigger orders. My point was to reduce commission on bigger orders.

Yeah right. But for 1200 jobs they need to process bank transaction for 1200 times but for 20 jobs they will process bank transaction for 20 times. I am talking about resources that come into action when order starts.

There is huge difference between processing of 1200 jobs and 20 jobs. that’s the point i wanted to say. Charge less on bigger orders.

I am not saying to charge nothing on bigger orders. I just wanted to say just reduce commission on bigger ones. That was my point.

Yeah it would be great. :wink:

It will save my some 100s of $.

Your thread title:
Fiverr should not charge 20% commission on big orders

Which is it please because I’m a bit confused?

Yeah i absolutely agree with you. I mentioned that asking clients to pay through some other means is wrong as fiverr deserves its commission. My point was to just reduce commission on bigger orders. They will still in the profit as compare to small orders.

Ahh. My point was fiverr should not charge 20% on bigger order but should charge less. Sorry for not mentioning it. I thought people will get this. I did not know i have to mention every thing.

Just try to get my point.