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Fiverr should concentrate on Sellers as well, buyers should not get all the priority


hey all,

i created a flyer for a client, i send him the files for review he approved, but very next day he wanted another modification i did that, but again after marking the order as completed he sent me a message (that he needs other modifications and he didn’t like the flyer). I said you marked the order as completed, why are you asking for more modifications.

he threatened that if i don’t do the modifications he will contact support and cancel the order and put a bad review on my gig. finally he did that and posted a review as below:

"Seller didn’t understand English very well and there was a ton of miscommunication over a 7 day period, he didn’t create at all what I asked for, he added additional information I didn’t ask for, I sent him a flyer example 3 times and he ignored the example every time. Refused to fix the problem"

I did what he asked for. what he was doing is getting more flyers done for a single gig.

after that i did contact support with all his messages and my work.

"the reply was really shocking for me: they couldn’t do anything for me, without the buyers consent."

Now due to this client I really fell apart and not getting that much order on my gig.

Most important & funny part here is he just came back and send me a message as follows "So I wanted to earn your business again and make up for our misunderstandings last time…

I need a flyer like this, what will you charge?

What will you charge to replicate that door hanger to a digital version?

I have worked with a few other people and I have realized you are alot more talented then others on here, I will make

sure there is consistent communication from here on out."

Conclusion: Fiverr (inspect a matter first and then solve it) should concentrate on sellers as well (not only giving priority to buyers), coz there are a lots of frauds out there who wants more from the sellers done at $5. Sometimes they even threaten sellers for not doing so, or put a negative review. That really hurts a seller on the long run.

Please ignore any mistake in the writing guys…

Thank You

Emran M.


I know you said you contacted support, but did you send them screenshots of all the back and forth, especially where he said it was approved and then completed the order? And especially of this new exchange, where he asked to purchase another flyer? In the instances where support has actually helped me out, it’s always been because I could prove that the buyer’s review actually had nothing to do with the quality of my work and everything to do with the fact that I wouldn’t provide work for free. In your case, if you can prove that you did do what he asked for, and then show them that he actually thinks you’re talented and wants to work with you again, focusing on the fact that he approved the flyer and then came back after the gig was completed, asking for more work, support might be more willing to listen.

Unless you are actually willing to work with him again, I would tell him flat out that you don’t take orders from people who were displeased with your service in the past, and that because he left an untruthful, negative review the last time, you are not willing to risk an additional untruthful, negative review by working with him again. On the other hand, you could leverage his new request and tell him that the only way you’d be willing to work with him again is if he agrees to remove that negative review, and then take that agreement to CS, in which case I don’t see why they wouldn’t remove the review.


It’s really frustrating to read this because there are experienced sellers here who always say to ‘contact customer support if you can prove that you completed the gig according to the description and what you agreed to with the buyer. Fiverr will help you’. They also say that it’s against Fiverr rules to threaten or extort someone with negative feedback.

Hopefully one of those sellers will comment about how exactly you get customer support to provide that assistance.

One bad buyer/review isn’t going to ruin your chances for success on Fiverr. Forget about it and keep going.


@emostafa I can relate as well. The priority is given to the buyers. I had the same experience before. Couldn’t do anything.

Better not deal with that client again.



I haven’t written this thread to let Fiverr down, but to let them know that they need to concentrate on Sellers as well. If there is no good seller, buyers aren’t there.

If you go through the Forum you will see a lots of story like this. My question is to Fiverr CS why they are not reviewing the matter? Even before reviewing the matter they close the case or give you a decision.

I am not really willing to work with that client any more. I just told him Thank You very much :)>- . I have recovered from the disaster that occurred just for his negative review. Just don’t want to mess it again.


Reply to @emostafa: I don’t want to make you feel any worse about Fiverr, but you do need a little bit of a reality check. Many, not all, but many, sellers here don’t care about being “good” and many of the buyers don’t care either. They want cheap and fast, and in most cases they’re looking to buy cheap and fast things to help them trick or swindle other people, so they make more money.

There will always be more people who NEED a way to make money; there aren’t as many who NEED to spend money. Fivver will always favor the buyer. There are thousands of users on Fiverr, and to be honest not a single one of them is important to Fiverr - they only care about keeping things moving and making their money. That’s why they are in business. A seller or buyer - or even a dozen of each - leaving every day because of bad customer support will quickly be replaced by even more.

I promise you that there has been no “disaster” from one review. Your ratings are still good. But even that has little to do with how many orders you get and when. There are plenty of Top Rated Sellers here who go without getting any orders sometimes. It’s usually because of the Fiverr search or categories changing, and many times it’s because something on the website is broken. There are also plenty of sellers with terrible ratings who continue to make sales. No matter what you are or what you sell here, there are no guarantees that you will ever make consistent sales. That is just something you have to accept.

If you want to keep using Fiverr you have to figure out ways to work with the system and always remember no matter how wonderful or great you are, there are plenty of things that you have no control over whatsoever. Make it work for you or find somewhere else that’s a better fit. Not everyone is cut out for freelancing. In any case, it’s not worth being upset over - it’s just Fiverr. :slight_smile:



Hey first of all I would like to Thank You. There are lots of your words matches with me. The words I couldn’t mention, you did it.

I have gone through a lots of sellers profile and see they are not even fit to work, but they do get more orders than I do.

Just need to be careful with some badass and keep doing what you do…


Reply to @emostafa: Fiverr will usually side with the buyers. They know that the sellers are far more dependent on Fiverr than the buyers are, so they usually make allowances and resolve issues like this in favor of the buyer, so they keep that person’s money in the system.

They might lose a seller, but if the buyer stays, they don’t really lose any revenue, as they know that there will always be more sellers. If it’s important to you (and for me sometimes these situations are, sometimes they aren’t), you have to fight to get them to review it.

Otherwise, and I’m not bashing CS here, just stating what I’ve observed in the forums and my own experience, you’re going to get a copy-and-paste answer that probably feels like no one has actually taken a look at your side of the story.

emostafa said: Just need to be careful with some badass and keep doing what you do....
Exactly @emostafa. Do what you feel is right for you. If you feel something is worth fighting for, do as @emasonwrites says, but if it's not worth the aggravation, move on and focus on making new sales. Best of luck to you!


Your gig description is your best friend, I would write “1 modification per gig” so buyers understand that if they want additional modifications, they’ll have to order another gig.