Fiverr should do something for seller to order system


I know maximum seller got demotion for unwanted order. Many buyers order gig without discussion and sometimes they want 100$ service for 5$ so as a result order cancel. Sometimes buyers order gig and want something different from our service so as a result order cancel. So fiverr should take a step for a seller. We need order accept system this help us unwanted order from buyers.

Yesterday a new buyer ordered my gig without discussing with me and he wanted Wordpress website within 24 hours!! And he doesn’t know what is WordPress, what is a theme. He is thinking to buy a domain and hosting!! When I told him you don’t know about a theme and still you didn’t have domain hosting so how can I create a website for you? Then he asked me for the refund. He just told me if you can’t do it 24 hours just refund me!! As a result, i cancel this order because nothing to do here. Because it’s impossible for me.

If this type unwanted order happening with us we will demote next evaluation. If Fiverr gives us opportunity accept an order from a buyer that will be great for a seller. We get rid this type unwanted order. Fiverr can add this system as an available now option. If a seller wants an order to accept system he/she can on this system from the profile. If anyone wants off this system there will be off option.

We are really getting a frustrated Fiverr new level system and unwanted order from a buyer and cancel an order :frowning:


If Fiverr did this, it would completely remove the whole point of the new seller level system, because it would allow sellers to get around one of the level requirements. For this reason alone, it’s not going to happen. Fiverr wants sellers to take more responsibility for their success, and find ways to work through these sorts of issues.

I think this new Fiverr seller ranking system makes it abundantly clear – there will be no “accept button”. It’s not going to happen. The “accept order button” idea is pretty much dead now.


I understand waht you are talking. Suppose if i do article writing service and a buyer order my gig for aritcle post his website so what can you do this case? And sometimes buyer order gig without reading gig description properly. It’s not about quality it’s about buyer mistake.


Like I said, the “accept order button” is dead. I don’t see it happening. It just doesn’t work with the new seller levels system. Your arguments for it are now as pointless as tumbleweed drifting through the desert.

You will have to learn how to work WITHOUT an “accept order button”. It’s not going to happen.


Hey i told this post that it will an on-off a system. if a seller wants this system he can on this and if he wants he can off this. So it will not effect any profile.


It’s not going to happen. And, because this is a dead idea… I’m done discussing it. :wink:


If a buyer order 5$ basic package and he want premium service for 5$ which i take 100$ so what can i do this situation if the buyer doesn’t agree to increase amount $? I know you have no answer this case. That’s why we need order accept the system. There will be a system for 1 hour. After put order, if a seller does not respond then order automatically will place.