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Fiverr should employ psychologists!


I think Fiverr should employ a few psychologists to find out the reason behind a few people who: don’t watch samples, don’t read description & FAQs, don’t look what’s included in the package, don’t look at requirements and info listed there and then expect us to deliver a masterpiece. Their revision requests leave me paralyzed for minutes as they are far from what is offered in the gig. There are the people who will not read even on gunpoint.

Jokes apart Fiverr should add a feature called something like “seller’s terms” where sellers can list all his/her terms like I do not offer revisions in script etc. Fiverr may monitor these terms (just like they monitor gig page videos) to make sure they are fair. While placing an order, the client will see a line that says something like, “You agree to terms of the seller before you proceed”.


You can add FAQs to your gigs.


I will create a psychologist gig. Just send them my way.


He just mentioned they don’t read FAQs.


Great, if this can be applied, Tax will be easier on fiverr.


I just checked out your gig… Congrats on your success.

I’m guessing they don’t realize NO script revisions are include, because your gig has large letters from Fiverr stating that you do two revisions. That is very large when someone orders. I see you’re saying you’ll update the visual, but they can’t change the script.

If they drill down, they then see script revisions are excluded from the revisions. I can see where that may confuse some newer sellers.

(I’m NOT saying you don’t spell it out, but we both know too many buyers don’t drill down.)

I love the fact you’re not trying to be the cheap provider, especially when I see your ranking numbers, and know that means over 5,000 gigs delivered so far. Hats off to you!


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Maybe I’m unclear on something pertaining to revisions – I recently placed an order for a logo and the seller allowed 5 revisions; each time I used one, it noted how many I’d used and how many were remaining. So IF a person allows a limited amount of revisions, doesn’t the system itself ensure the buyer doesn’t go over? And if a seller offers none, how is a buyer able to request one?


Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The system allows you to keep clicking on the Request Modification button even after you’ve used all the available revisions.


The “system” has no idea how many revisions you have requested.

Nothing says a revision has to be free. You can request one even if a seller doesn’t offer any with their specific package. (The number offered in the initial purchase is part of what you pay for up front.)

If you want another one a seller can send you an offer with a revision charge. Usually that’s less than the initial price, but up to the seller.

Many sellers offer no free revisions on their basic, $5 package. Some do, it depends on the category.

A few sellers who don’t get it offer unlimited revisions. An invitation for someone to take advantage of you. After most sellers get to a certain point, they reduce or eliminate free revisions.


I like how you’ve copied one of my bad review responses to one of your bad reviews :wink:

I have nothing useful to add here aside from that tangent, although I think you can make it a Y/N compulsory answer upon ordering. Regardless of whether they read it or not, that’s about the best you’re going to do.


Yeah! After reading your replies here I was looking at your profile and I really liked the reply you gave to one person. Instead of spending time on writing something for that person I copied a super awesome reply. I hope you don’t mind it…lol :slight_smile:

Yeah! Something likeY/N might help.


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Once they place the order, in gig requirements section I mentioned that 2 times. Basically, they submit script right below this message, “Asking revisions in the script after submission may attract extra charges.” and have addition info which I mentioned, “Revisions: Free graphical revisions. However, no free revisions in the script. Please give us the final script. Asking changes in the script at a later stage may result in additional charges.”

Yeah, from day 1 I kept my prices a bit on the higher side and limited revisions. Other sellers in my category offer “Unlimited revisions”. But I really like how most of the buyers respect my policy and willingly pay.


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